Cultivera Market Vendor Spotlight: Sasquatch

In this month’s Cultivera Market Vendor Spotlight, we’re introducing Sasquatch, licensed B2B sellers now available in Washington’s Cultivera Marketplace.

Spotlight On Sasquatch: Family-Owned, Farmers At Heart

Sasquatch is a family-owned, Tier-3 Producer/Processor based in Rainier, Washington. Now live on Cultivera Market, Sasquatch was founded in 2016, though the family behind the business comes from generations of farmers.

Farmers at heart, we have been in the cannabis industry since the beginning of 2016 but have been involved in agriculture for generations. When the opportunity came to add cannabis to our farm, we jumped on it!”

They picked Sasquatch as a business name, saying that “as PNW natives and outdoor enthusiasts, Sasquatch fit our brand and our spirits.”

Sasquatch logo

"High Quality At A Fantastic Price"

Though their focus began with flower and pre-rolls, their product line has expanded to include concentrate products like sugar wax, RSO, and shatter. Using customer feedback, Sasquatch continuously works to improve products, and their business.

“Our mission is to bring high quality product at a fantastic price and the feedback has always been that we’ve nailed that! We strive to get better and better as well as expand what we are producing.”

Their diverse list of product strains typically includes “a mix of core favorites and new strains that folks are raving about,” including names like “Vanilla Kush,” “Rainier Sour Diesel,” “Bubba Platinum,” and “Blackout Bobby.”

By offering high quality products at low costs, Sasquatch hopes to benefit retail operations in an ever-changing industry. With customers’ pocket books in mind, they offer products to purchasers looking to save money without losing quality.

“Inflation sucks and times are hard, you shouldn’t have to break the bank for good weed. We’re here to help with that.”

Building New Connections With Cultivera Market

As the industry grows, so does Sasquatch, and they are determined to keep on growing. The team at Sasquatch is working hard to expand their reach across the state, and launch new, exciting products.

“We’d like to continue to expand both throughout stores in Washington as well as our product line. We would love to bring to market flavored joints and cartridges this year!”

When looking for tools to help their business expand across the state, they spoke to some of their existing retail partners. That’s how they learned about Cultivera Market.

While having conversations with store buyers, they recommended Cultivera to sell our product.”

With 450+ Washington Dispensaries shopping Cultivera Market every quarter, it was exactly what they were looking for. So they got started, ready to reach new B2B purchasers across the state.

“…we’ve sold wholesale, as well as to some retail stores, but haven’t really marketed our product other than word of mouth. We’re on Cultivera to change that!”

Since Cultivera Market allows retailers to shop B2B vendors in their state, both new and existing Dispensary partners can now see Sasquatch products any time, day or night.

“Now that we’re on Cultivera, we’re hoping more stores will try us. We truly make great product at an unbeatable price and we’re hoping to get into the hands of more buyers.”

It helps that retailers like shopping Cultivera Market, because it’s easy to use and always open, 24/7. The crew at Sasquatch found this to be true for their team as well: “Onboarding was simple and straightforward. We’re glad we joined!”

Offering Excellent Service In An Ever-Changing Industry

The market is constantly changing, so like most producer/processors we continue to go with the flow and are ramping up production hard to keep up with the demand.”

The team at Sasquatch is dedicated to high quality, low prices, and providing unbeatable service that partners can count on. Dispensary purchasers can find flower, pre-rolls, shatter, and wax, including DOH-compliant products, from Sasquatch in their Cultivera Market menu, any time, 24/7.

“We strive to have excellent customer service, you can always email, text or call with any questions. We’re able to deliver within the same week if local and within 7 days if further away. We follow all of the LCB and state regulations and ensure high product quality which we will always stand behind.”

As a family-owned farm in a complex industry, keeping up with it all can be a lot. This team’s secret? They love what they do, and they’re pretty sure it shows.

“…we make great product and are easy to work with. We do what we love and we love what we do, and I think our customers can feel that from our products.”

Shop Sasquatch Products On Cultivera Market

Interested in trying out some of the affordable, high-quality products made by the team at Sasquatch?

Washington Dispensary purchasers can find their live B2B menu any time, day or night, on Cultivera Market.

About Cultivera Market

Cultivera Market is a streamlined B2B order portal built to increase revenue, featuring real-time menus and product availability, testing results, automated fulfillment, simplified sales, and inventory management.

With Cultivera Market, licensed cannabis growers, processors, distributors, and retailers can connect, sell, and shop with the click of a button.

And with 95% of Washington retailers already registered, what’s holding you back?

Click Book Demo to get started today.

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