Cultivera Market Spotlight: LWLF Brands

This month, we’re sharing the fantastic story of LWLF Brands, now live in the Cultivera Marketplace! Learn about their brands, products, and history in this month’s Cultivera Market Vendor Spotlight.

Introducing LWLF Brands

“Welcome to the vibrant world of Quinn and Rose Tanzer, the dynamic husband-and-wife duo behind our passion-driven venture.”

LWLF Brands is a licensed Washington Processor based out of Shelton. For years, this dedicated team has worked to craft unique, high-quality cannabis products for the i502 industry. From humble beginnings, their dedication, innovation, and love for the plant has helped them grow into a trusted name in the industry.

LWLF Brands text logo, with the slogan Love Weed Live Free

LWLF (short for “Love Weed, Live Free”) got its start in 2019 as a shared vision to redefine the local cannabis experience “across the Evergreen State.” Since then, Rose and Quinn Tanzer, the “dynamic husband-and-wife duo” behind the brand, have turned their combined passions into exciting success.

Over the years, they’ve worked to offer exceptional, affordable products that “resonate with the diverse tastes of our fellow Washingtonians.” With lines like Higher Life and Quinny’s Fancy Smoke, the folks at LWLF Brands specialize in artisanal products made using indoor-grown, hand-trimmed cannabis flower.

What sets us apart is not just our commitment to quality, but the personal touch we infuse into everything we do.”

Standing Out From The i502 Crowd

LWLF Brands offers cannabis products meant to appeal to both “seasoned enthusiasts” and “curious newcomers” alike. Available in Dispensaries across the state, their unique branding and products stand out from the crowd. This may be because, for this team, the focus is on quality and variety, with the added touch of their own unique personality.

“We remain 90’s kids at heart… We’re artists, filmmakers, producers & hard rockers. We even accept those who think rollerblading is cool… We are a community that, above all else, simply loves cannabis.”

This creative brand identity is reflected in the Cultivera Marketplace. In fact, the first thing Cultivera Market users may notice about LWLF Brands is their colorful animated logo. Featuring bright purples and white text coupled with a simple looped animation, this small detail immediately helps them stand out among other vendors.

Once inside their Cultivera Market menu, individual product images stand out thanks to clear, bright product photos, and colorful, informative graphics.

To top it off, they feature both classic strains like “Dutch Treat” and “Trainwreck,” as well as fun, music-inspired strain names like “Sk8ter Boi,” “Veruca Salt,” “Jessie’s Girl,” and “Stacy’s Mom.”

Combining High Quality With Affordability

Through their Higher Life Cannabis line, they promote “the highest quality indoor cannabis available in Washington State.” To clarify this, the team says this is is because they are consumers themselves, and know why positive experiences are so important to the industry.

Higher Life Cannabis Logo

As connoisseurs ourselves, we understand the value of a superior cannabis experience. That’s why, from cultivation to processing, every step is executed with precision and care. Our products reflect the culmination of expertise, a deep appreciation for the craft, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.”

Quinny's fancy smoke logo in black and red

Through their Quinny’s Fancy Smoke line, LWLF Brands offers their best-selling Palm Leaf blunts. These artisanal, hand-crafted blunts are made with organic palm harvested using environmentally-friendly practices. They’re even rolled by hand for a smooth burn.

In addition, their menu offers a variety of other hand-crafted options, from “Dry Sift Infused Pre-Rolls” to “Kief & Oil Infused Fuzzywazhitz.” Together, Quinny’s Fancy Smoke produces top-quality products for the best smoking experience possible, all while keeping prices affordable.

Dispensary purchasers who want to get LWLF products on their shelves can find their B2B menu any time, day or night, on Cultivera Market.

Staying Ahead Of The Trends With Cultivera Market

As a rapidly growing company in an often strained industry, their quality, commitments, and aggressive goals help keep momentum going.

For example, a few goals this year include growing revenue and enhancing customer satisfaction, while continuing to stay innovative. To this end, they are committed to staying at the forefront of the industry’s trends and innovations, and are investing in unique product development to meet the evolving needs of consumers across the state.

When the Cultivera Marketplace officially opened to all i502 vendors in the summer of 2023, they were ready to get started.

Cultivera has been on our radar for years, once the marketplace opened we jumped on. Onboarding was a breeze.”

Now their Cultivera Market B2B order portal features their unique, high-quality products, with eye-catching image and a wide variety of strains. Altogether, their passion, commitment, and strong branding are sure to help keep momentum strong.

animation representing LWLF Brands setting up their Cultivera Market B2B menu portal

Making Positive Impacts In The Cannabis Community

However it isn’t all about fun and growth for these proud Washingtonians. Above all, it’s about community.

With attention to sustainability and a strong belief in supporting their local community, LWLF Brands strives to deliver “outstanding products at outstanding prices.” As a result, the team particularly enjoys being part of this industry, with such a passionate community that promotes quality and responsible use.

“As proud residents of Washington, we are thrilled to contribute to the local cannabis community. Our expansion has allowed us to reach every corner of the state, bringing our fantastic creations to your doorstep.”

Isometric illustration of b2b sales through the Cultivera Market

Ultimately, supporting their cannabis community is just one reason why they continue to practice sustainable sourcing and fair trade methods throughout their business.

“Overall, it is rewarding to be a part of an industry that is making a positive impact on people’s lives.”

Find LWLF Brands Online

Looking to find LWLF Brands online? Find more information about the brand and their products on their website, or follow them online @lwlf_brands.

Now that they’re live on Cultivera Market, B2B Dispensary buyers can check out the LWLF Brands menu any time, 24/7. To go there now, click Shop LWLF On Cultivera Market.

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