Cultivera Market Spotlight: Gold Leaf Gardens

Recently available in Washington’s Cultivera Marketplace, Gold Leaf Gardens offers high-quality, award-winning products to the i502 marketplace. In this spotlight feature, we share how this family-run business brings “the spirit of Aloha” to the Washington cannabis industry.

An Introduction To Gold Leaf Gardens

“Bringing the spirit of Aloha to Washington cannabis.”

As “one of the original Washington brands,” Gold Leaf Gardens is a Tier-2 cannabis Cultivator that has grown to offer high-quality, organically grown cannabis to the i502 market.

Working to bring top-tier cannabis to an industry famously lacking diversity, Gold Leaf Gardens is proudly owned and operated by a Native Hawaiian family. This is reflected in the ways they infuse Hawaiian values of aloha, sustainability, and respect for the land into everything they do.

With a history of serving medical markets since the early days of Washington legalization, Gold Leaf Gardens’ goal is to bring “the spirit of Aloha” to the cannabis industry.

Over the years, they’ve continued to grow with these values. Now, the Gold Leaf Gardens family of brands also includes:

Leira Cannagars: “known worldwide as the epitome of cannabis luxury;”
Polar Icetracts: multi-award-winning solventless rosin concentrates;
Aloha Friday: a line of rosin-based products seeking to connect their community with love and kindness;
PNDUB: a recent collaboration with their sister farm for “Seattle sports fanatics.”

Plus, a recent collaboration in support of veterans: “…we are honored to be working with Blunt Style, a veteran owned cannabis brand that exists to support the mental health and wellness of our soldiers.”

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gold leaf gardens brand Polar
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"Grown With Aloha"

“Gold Leaf Gardens is one of the original Washington brands, growing with the industry to serve top-of-class, premium products that are grown with Aloha.”

What does “grown with aloha” mean?

“Aloha” is a Hawaiian word referring most often to love, peace, and compassion.

According to the team, what “growing with aloha” ultimately means is that their products are made with love. In practice, this has meant “being as true to the plant” as possible, with no corners cut.

Plants are grown in organic soil, and fully cured before being extracted with solventless processes to keep things as natural as they can be.

This also means using wholly natural processes that both promote and utilize natural microbiomes, to keep plants healthy and safe while preserving quality.

“We want to grow cannabis we are proud of; that we smoke ourselves.”

Growing With The Industry

From their small roots, Gold Leaf Gardens has grown to a team of at least 30 people, with two facilities and five unique brand lines now available.

Looking to expand their reach to retailers across the state, the team at Gold Leaf Gardens recently launched their B2B menu on Cultivera Market. Their goals included enhancing visibility, and establishing more long-lasting relationships.

“We’ve recently adopted the Cultivera platform after being referred by several of our industry peers who saw major benefits to expanding their marketplace visibility and access.”

What brought them to Washington’s most popular i502 marketplace?

Out of a variety of reasons, including multiple suggestions from other vendors, the first was access to retailers.

This is because over the last year, the number of licensed Washington Dispensary buyers utilizing the Cultivera Market for B2B purchases has continued to increase.

The appeal of this popularity was only furthered by how the Cultivera Marketplace enhances the shopping experience for retail partners. Seeing this combination of growth and value, the team decided to meet their existing (and potential) retail partners where they were, and reached out to get started.

“Onboarding was great, the support staff was very helpful getting us live quickly.”

Through their experience in Washington’s cannabis industry, they’ve found that many dispensary managers and operators often find themselves without enough time, wearing too many hats, and unavailable to meet with potential new B2B vendors.

Cultivera Market helps overcome that problem, allowing retail purchasers to shop at their convenience, 24/7.

Utilizing the Cultivera Marketplace simplifies the process of connecting, shopping, and placing orders. As a result, the team has seen new orders coming through their Cultivera Market order portal regularly.

Leveling The Playing Field With Cannabis Technology

Right out of the gate, the team was looking forward to utilizing the Cultivera Marketplace to improve their sales, order, and fulfillment processes. And it worked.

Once launched, Gold Leaf Gardens quickly saw a steady stream of orders coming through their Cultivera Market portal. For a busy team with a lot to do, it’s a big help.

“Cultivera [Market] has made it easer to be seen by everyone, and meet everyone.”

It turns out that as a small business with so much to do in the last few years, the team has often found themselves asking “how do we get it all done?”

From their experience, platforms like Cultivera Market help with this overwhelm by leveling the playing field between big and small businesses. They’ve found that using the Cultivera Marketplace allows smaller operations like theirs to expand into areas of the state they might not have reached otherwise.

The [Cultivera] marketplace has been great for us as a small boutique company to democratize access to our products. Now it’s first come, first serve and that’s been easier than managing who gets what inventory.”

Taking advantage of modern business technology like Cultivera Market has helped the the staff manage operations from anywhere.

Cultivera Market offers the the ability to do remotely what once required in-person activity. As many team members found themselves needing to travel or move, this technology has become more valuable than ever.

Looking Towards A Future Of Possibility

The Gold Leaf Gardens team looks forward to watching how the industry evolves, and finding more ways to connect across the supply chain. They are excited for a time when stores, buyers, and vendors can all connect regularly, such as with events that bring these communities together.

“It hasn’t been easy, but to be at the vanguard of this dynamic industry has been exciting and challenging in the best possible way. We visualize a future where we can ship our wares across the globe and expand our reach to collectors everywhere.”

One particular problem they see now? The state’s need for more legal consumption spaces.

“There should be public places to consume cannabis in WA state. Producing, buying, selling and consuming has been rightfully decriminalized. Responsibly sharing a joint with friends in public is still illicit and that should change.”

When asked what the team enjoys most about working in this industry, the first thing mentioned was “seeing the industry grow, and all the new technologies and new products.” Secondly, being part of a growing new industry, where they get to meet like-minded people.

“We are a tight family company and to work with the people you love is the greatest blessing. And to cultivate cannabis for a living is a dream come true.”

Learn More About Gold Leaf Gardens

Want to learn more about this award-winning brand?

Click here to go to their website, or follow them on Instagram here.

And of course, licensed retail buyers can browse their B2B menu any time on Cultivera Market. Click here to login now and start shopping.

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