Cultivera Market Vendor Spotlight: Parasol Premium Cannabis

For this month’s Cultivera Market Vendor Spotlight, we asked Production Manager Danny Gammons-Reese about Parasol Premium Cannabis and its plants, products, and history. Check out the details below.

Introducing Parasol Premium Cannabis

Parasol Premium Cannabis is a licensed Producer/Processor based out of Sedro-Woolley, Washington. The team at Parasol offers high-quality cannabis “meticulously crafted and cured with intention, dedication, and love for this incredible plant.”

Parasol was founded by a group of like-minds with a deep love for the cannabis plant. 

Their goal? To bring unique strains to the Washington marketplace, and establish Parasol as one of the best Producers in the state.

purple and orange Parasol Premium logo

"With our line of genetics and passion for the plant, we are aiming high this year!"

To this end, their team focuses on producing “beautiful and unique cultivars” that are both unique and exciting, now available in Washington’s Cultivera Market.

Meticulously Crafted, Always Unique

Parasol’s specialty is their carefully crafted flower. Their team focuses on growing high-quality plants that are both unique and beautiful. Plus, their process works to preserve both flavor and structure, “to help ensure that every jar you get never disappoints.”

They’ve even designed their jars to show off the buds themselves.

"We really focus on our flower! Our packaging is made to showcase our beautiful buds in the jar."

On the other hand, beauty isn’t everything to the folks at Parasol. The team seeks out cannabis cultivars that are unique, and hard to find in the local industry. To keep interest going, they strive to introduce new strains often, to “drive the hype” around products.

"From seed to sale, we monitor every step of the process to ensure that our products exceed expectations."

They also do everything in-house, rather than outsourcing. This allows them to keep an eye on every step of the process, from seed to sale. That way the team can make sure they’re happy with every product that goes out the door.

Standing Out With Cultivera Market

For many businesses, the legal Washington cannabis industry can sometimes feel saturated. To deal with this issue, Parasol Premium Cannabis has been looking for ways to stand out among the crowd.

"With so many brands available for consumers, it can be difficult to get access to some retailers... You have to really standout with all the competition out there."

The Parasol team learned about Cultivera’s B2B solution while networking with retailers, and other Producer/Processors. In Washington state, Cultivera Market offers a chance to be seen by both existing and potential new purchasers, any time, 24/7.

Plus, retailers can shop with or without the help of a sales representative. And since most Washington Dispensaries have already registered with Cultivera Market, it’s easier than ever to make connections across the state.

This brand visibility boost may be exactly what they’re looking for to get their beautiful buds on more Dispensary shelves.

Proud To Be Part Of Industry Change

Like many cannabis operators, the Parasol team cites their love of the plant itself as one of the best things about the industry.

Though national legalization often feels stalled, Washington’s legal industry continues to grow, and they’re glad to be part of the ongoing change.

"We are very grateful to be a part of [Washington's legal cannabis industry] as the rest of the country slowly follows. From meeting new people, to discovering new products, the industry is a lifestyle and we are proud to be a part of it."

To be sure, Parasol’s unique products, passion, and dedication are bound to bring big waves to the local industry.

Click here to find their live B2B menu in Cultivera Market now.

Learn More About Parasol

Find Parasol Premium Cannabis online on social media, and in Washington Dispensaries near you.

Licensed B2B retail purchasers can find Parasol Premium Cannabis products in Washington’s Cultivera Marketplace. Click Shop Now to log in and check it out.

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