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What is Cultivera?

Cultivera is a cannabis-specific business management and track-and-trace software solution that powers cannabis operations in a vertically integrated platform. The Cultivera platform provides compliance, traceability, and other valuable, time-saving features. These services allow cannabis businesses to spend more time focusing on growth, processing, and sales, while carrying the piece of mind that they are abiding by legal requirements.

How do you sign up?

If you are a cannabis cultivator, manufacturer, processor, or distributor, click here to schedule a call or meeting with one of our experienced reps, and they’ll guide you through the necessary steps. If you’re a retailer looking to join the Marketplace, schedule a 5-minute verification with our onboarding team.

What is the onboarding process like? 

When you sign up for Cultivera Pro, it’s typically a 2-3-week process. We take the time to properly migrate your data and train your team on the system to ensure the smoothest transition possible. It’s a detailed process, but we walk you through step by step for a seamless experience. This process is constantly refined and improved based on feedback and results, working to always solve our clients pain points. No one takes the time and care that we do.

What are Cultivera’s prices? 

This is probably our most common question, but the answer isn’t always the same because it depends on your state and how many licenses you have. For Pro, it mostly has to do with how each state’s legislations, regulations, and tracking requirements are different. Occasionally, there may be price cuts and promotions, depending on your operation’s needs. As for Cultivera Market, it is a complimentary B2B order portal attached to the Pro system, and doesn’t cost retail partners anything to use.

To get a quote specific to your area and operation needs, reach out to a Cultivera sales representative.

Does Cultivera offer onsite demonstrations or training? 

We do offer those services, though at an additional cost billed hourly. We can have a consultant come out and can do everything, from doing a full inventory audit, to labeling your plants or packages, to training you, to assisting on go-live day. Rates depend on the consultant. On the other hand, we encourage customers to check out our free online training portal, featuring weekly virtual webinars for individual modules and workflows.

Contact us to learn more.

What makes Cultivera a better solution than the competition? 

Cultivera offers vertically integrated, data-centric, state-compliant seed-to-sale traceability and business management software with exceptional customer service. While there are many software options out there, we believe we rise above the rest when it comes to full compliance integrations, intuitive user interface, unrivaled customer service, and critical accuracy in tracking and reporting at every stage. We’re especially proud of how customers have praised Cultivera’s simplified workflows, ease of use, and the time saved generating labels and reports within the system.

How many clients does Cultivera have? 

We have over 3,000 users, with clients in WA, OR, NV, CA, CO, OK, MA, and MI, and more every week. Our highest presence has been in WA, making up over 60% of the market by volume in the state, including 28 of the top 30 producers/processors. Learn about your state’s legal cannabis market in our interactive state map.

Where is Cultivera based? 

Our incredible team works from all across the United States. Sales and Support teams are mainly in Central Oregon and Washington, with additional team members in Oklahoma, as well as our development team in DC. Learn more on the About page.

What would clients say is Cultivera’s biggest strength? 

Customer service, ease of use, and time savings with automated workflows in a system that accurately organizes products to make it easier to sell to your desired market accurately, simply, and lawfully.

With Cultivera’s vertical integration, our clients are able to increase revenue, decrease labor expenses, and scale faster than they would otherwise.

Category: Software Solutions & Services

What does Cultivera have in terms of reporting and business intelligence? 

We feature a full, vertically integrated Analytics module with 12+ reports across all business functions, and many exportable data sets on different pages in the UI. We’re even integrated with QuickBooks.

Is Cultivera an ERP system? 

We are coming out with our cannabis industry-specific ERP product shortly, but we already have many ERP-like functions built into our PRO product. Unlike many oversized ERPs, our custom solutions are flexible and able to fully integrate with state systems. We think this works better than being bloated with pre-built, complicated workflows that might not make sense for your business.

What is Cultivera Pro?

Cultivera Pro is a Metrc-approved, third-party software integrator providing seed-to-sale compliance solutions in every state with a legal cannabis market. We’ve also successfully integrated with BioTrack THC and Washington’s CCRS. Pro features cannabis operations, traceability, and business management software for cultivators, manufacturers, processors, and distributors. Pro’s automated workflows from seed to sale to make compliance simple at every stage. Check out the video introduction here.

To learn more about Cultivera Pro and availability in your state, please contact us.

What is Cultivera Market? 

Cultivera Market is an online order portal for retail buyers to purchase from their vendors’ live menu. Processors set up their marketplace, and live quantities are displayed, pulled directly from the processors’ Cultivera Pro system in real-time. When a retailer places an order, it submits the order into the processors’ Cultivera Pro system for the fulfillment team to take action on. With over 300 retailers currently signed up, most of our biggest and well-known processors are live on the Market. Click here to check out the introduction video.

To learn more about the Cultivera Market and availability in your state, please contact us.

What does Cultivera offer to cannabis dispensaries and retailers?

Our unique, full service point-of-sale system is currently accepting early adopters in several states across the US. The Cultivera Point-Of-Sale is an all-in-one point-of-sale built for retailers and medical dispensaries, featuring personalized inventory, purchasing, promotions, and customer management solutions. Cultivera POS is simple and intuitive, with an elegant, uncluttered interface, automated reports, robust analytics, and unrivaled customer support.

You can see our POS Introduction video by clicking here.

To learn more about Cultivera POS and find out how we can help solve your inventory, traceability, and sales pain points, contact us.

What states are you integrated with?

We pride ourselves on quickly and effectively integrating with all state systems. Cultivera Pro is a Metrc-approved, third-party software integrator that provides seed-to-sale compliance solutions in every state with a legal cannabis market.

We started in Washington in 2016 integrating with BioTrack, then Leaf Data, then CCRS, and we’re now integrated across the country. Wherever the industry goes, we’re prepared for whichever system your state chooses.

How is Cultivera integrated with Metrc?

Whether you’re looking to automate the creation of child packages on the fly, or streamline the manifest and order fulfillment process using our instant transfer templates, Cultivera brings automation to the table through every allowable API Metrc currently offers. We aid users with the import of Metrc Unique Identifier (UID) tags for plant and inventory items. Tags are then made available throughout the Cultivera UI (user interface) for quick assignment, distribution and management for all marijuana related plants and products.

We offer real-time, 2-way data synchronization, keeping both environments updated and matching at all times. This bi-directional data synchronization allows for the tracking and reporting of all relevant data for your state regulators for compliance purposes at each stage of the process, bringing in-demand automation and efficiency at every turn. This translates into true savings related to the time and costs associated with labor, where manual data entry has previously been the standard. 

Does Cultivera have a solution for labs?

Not at the moment. We simply integrate with the results they enter into the state system.

Does Cultivera offer any free trials, or a sandbox/test system to play in? 

While we do not offer a sandbox/test system, we take the time to make sure every client’s system is properly built out and their team is sufficiently trained, to ensure a smooth onboarding.

If you’re interested in how Cultivera could help your business grow, we offer free virtual demos that you can sign up for any time. Schedule an appointment at your convenience, and our experts will guide you through each part of the Cultivera Pro system that pertains to your specific needs.

Category: Hardware / Labeling

How does Cultivera’s label templates work? 

We build digital templates for you, which are assigned to individual products or product lines. For any order, you generate a PDF (or multiple PDFs if multiple different templates are assigned to the products on the order) with all your labels pre-populated for you. Then you just hit print. We have a few options that clients can use, including QR codes. You can have cover pages and box labels as well, and we also support embedded images and die cuts.

We use a reporting software called “Crystal Reports” to automate the generation and pre-population of these labels. It’s a widely-used reporting tool with one of the biggest ERP systems. While you cannot modify the label templates yourself, you can rely on our in-house label experts to make adjustments as needed. This way your labeling and fulfillment team can redirect their valuable time to other projects that need attention. Or, if you don’t have a team internally, this keeps you from having to pay a third-party. We’ve seen great results with this software.

Does Cultivera have advice on what hardware we will need?

For plant tag or product label printers, most manufacturers will do. However, we have had the most experience with Zebra Technologies. Many of our clients have experienced success with 203 or 300 DPI printers, but they run the risk of creating label readability and/or barcode scanning issues. So as a best practice, we do recommend using a printer with at least 600 DPI (dots per square inch). We also recommend “roll-feed” style label printers rather than flat-bed style office printers that print sheet labels. Zebra, Dymo, and Brother all make roll-feed printers.

As for barcode scanners, most modern scanners will do. Though we recommend scanners with 2D compatibility, which allows for higher quality scanning ability and QR code scanning. Our UI also supports RFID scanners.

Do you have a question we didn’t get to? Let us know! Or schedule an appointment with a representative today.

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