Spotlight On: Natural Mystic Farms

This month’s Cultivera Market Vendor Spotlight introduces Tier 3 growers Natural Mystic Farms, and their journey, from the first seed to a growing success.

Introducing Natural Mystic Farms

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Natural Mystic Farms (“NMF”) is a Tier 3 Greenhouse Grower in Ellensburg, Washington. Combining experience and passion, this dedicated team is working to make a big impact on the industry.

Producing high quality products backed up by years of dedication, Natural Mystic Farms is now available on Cultivera Market.

For this month’s Cultivera Market Vendor Spotlight on Natural Mystic Farms, we asked founder Mike Graham about the business, market challenges, and their history. Read on to learn more.

A Dedication To Positive Change

The seed of Natural Mystic Farms was planted decades ago. Back then, the founder discovered he could grow beautiful, beneficial plants from the seeds he found in bags. Later, when adult-use cannabis legalization came to Washington in 2012, he knew he needed to be a part of the change. As a result, Natural Mystic Farms began to come alive.

"...when given the chance to participate in the historic legal market, there was no hesitation to establish Natural Mystic Farms to help demonstrate to the state and nation that marijuana legalization is the right thing to do. "

Their goal? To be a positive example for the budding Washington cannabis industry.

"We have an experienced and dedicated staff that you just don't find at a typical 502 operation."

Though Natural Mystic Farms focuses mainly on greenhouse-grown, hand-trimmed flower, they also excel at solventless extracts and other product lines, such as their new Live Fire brand.

The team sets themselves apart from the crowd with experience, dedication, and their ability to produce “the highest quality greenhouse flower that compares favorably to indoor grows.”

To this end, Natural Mystic Farms offers quality and consistency, with products sourced from their own farm. This allows them to maintain control and quality from the beginning of the growing process to the final product, rather than having to rely on wholesale availability, as many processors do.

As a result, they’re less vulnerable to unnecessary supply chain disruptions and costs. This savings is passed down to the retail purchasers and consumers.

"Natural Mystic is our original product line and features our highest quality flower, hash, joints and other items. Our Live Fire line is also greenhouse-grown hand-trimmed flower..., but at lower prices, competitive with anything on the market."

Maintaining Visibility In The Industry

Despite their team’s strong dedication, they found themselves having trouble making the connections needed to keep sales going strong in a declining market.

With so much going on, it can be difficult to connect with the right people at the right time. This is especially true because retail buyers are often “bombarded” by an already overwhelming industry.

"'s hard to get in front of retailers that are constantly bombarded with overly aggressive sales calls and marketing gimmicks. It turns retailers off to trying new things."

After “a couple of tight years in the market,” the team is looking to rebuild stronger. As they grow, it’s been important to help their retail partners succeed along with them, “to help our retail partners have the products to succeed in this hyper competitive market.”

In the end, it was this core value of growing together that brought them to Cultivera Market.

Building New Connections With Cultivera Market

The Cultivera Marketplace allows retailers to shop vendors from across their state with the click of a button.

Plus, it’s always open, 24/7, so buyers can shop when it works for their schedule, without needing seller assistance. So when searching for B2B cannabis business solutions, Cultivera Market often stands out for both its popularity and ease-of-use.

"...Cultivera has done a remarkable job putting together an online marketplace that retailers have embraced and love to use. Natural Mystic Farms is all about making positive retail connections and we are excited to make our line available on Cultivera."

With 95% of Washington Dispensaries registered, Cultivera Market offers Natural Mystic Farms a new way to improve visibility across the state.

Having their menu on Cultivera Market means they can be seen by more potential purchasers, any time, day or night.

Looking Forward To A Future Of Growth

In Washington, cannabis cultivators often face complex rules, regulations, and steep taxes. Despite these pitfalls, Natural Mystic Farms is determined to keep growing strong, no matter what the future brings.

The team looks forward to continuing to grow in the legal cannabis industry, and improving it for the better.

"Hopefully in the end the best operators with the best product will rise to the top and the people looking to make a quick buck in the marijuana game will get out of the way."

Because at the core of Natural Mystic Farms is a deep love of cannabis, and a firm belief in its positive value. Through thick and thin, this love makes working in the industry a joy.

"I love working in the cannabis industry," says founder Mike Graham, "because marijuana is a special and sacred way to improve the quality of life and to expand consciousness."

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Learn More About Natural Mystic Farms

Learn more about Natural Mystic Farms on their website, and follow their journey on Instagram.

Dispensary purchasers can find their B2B menu any time, day or night, on Cultivera Market.

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