How 3 Operations Succeed and Scale (Effortlessly) With Cultivera​

On the Cultivera Blog this summer we’ve explored and defined the terms seed-to-sale and traceability, offering insights into key industry processes. But how does the Cultivera Ecosystem benefit operators all along the supply chain beyond traceability?

Cultivera is unique in many legal markets across the nation because we offer business management solutions throughout the seed-to-sale supply chain: From seed sales and cultivation to cloning, transfers, distribution, through inventory management, wholesale orders, B2B markets, and the final retail point of sale. We call this vertical environment the Cultivera Ecosystem.

Successful Ops From Seed to Sale

In this case study series, we check in with three different licensed operations utilizing Cultivera’s seed-to-sale solutions. We collected our results into the following articles, as well as an easy-to-read e-book, exploring how these businesses have most clearly benefited from their use of the Cultivera Ecosystem:

  • How Double Delicious organized and scaled operations with the Cultivera PRO and Cultivera Market.
  • How Constellation Cannabis gained strong momentum in the legal marketplace with Cultivera PRO.
  • How Sitka Hash House effortlessly boosted sales, overnight, utilizing their Cultivera Market portal.

In the following articles from the Cultivera Blog, we explored how these three leading brands have scaled and succeeded with the Cultivera Ecosystem: particularly the Cultivera PRO and Market platforms. Get a peek of any case study with the following blog links, or sign up for the free PDF ebook below to read it all now.

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Together, these articles illustrate the incredible opportunities for scalability and success that come with utilization of Cultivera Pro and Market from seed to sale. 

So we’ve collected the full original case studies into a single, easy-to-read (and easy-to-share) pdf e-book.

To access the full document, or download it to share with your team, fill out the quick form below. 

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