Market Buzz 🐝 What Canna-Businesses Say About Cultivera Market

Have you heard what all the Cultivera Market buzz is about this spring? 🐝 In this round-up, we explore five ways Cultivera Market helps businesses grow, and what operators are saying about Washington’s most popular legal B2B cannabis marketplace.

Have You Heard The Cultivera Market Buzz? 🐝

Since launching in 2017, Cultivera Market has grown from a simple B2B system attached to the Cultivera Pro seed-to-sale platform, to a thriving marketplace that easily ranks as the most popular legal cannabis market in Washington state. And over the years, businesses have started to notice! 

From the sellers and dispensary purchasers who use Cultivera Market every day, to the retailers who sign on because so many growers and processors already use it.

“More like who hasn’t told us about Cultivera,” said one retailer ahead of their Cultivera Market demonstration.

But what does all the buzz about Cultivera Market really mean? Let’s take a look.

5 Ways Cultivera Market Helps Businesses Grow

At Cultivera, we power the industry every day with automated workflows, dynamic insights, and more, with critical tools that help businesses grow, from seed to point-of-sale. But at the core of Cultivera Market’s success is one thing: the people that use it!

We know that Cultivera Market would be nothing without the community of cannabis brands and businesses using it to make connections, find new partners, boost sales, and get work done.

As a result, the feedback we get from vendors and shoppers is vital to our continued growth and bright future.

Producers, processors, and retailers save time and money with cultivera pro and cultivera market

Based on both positive and negative feedback from our users, our team continues to dedicate our efforts to updating and improving our already streamlined platforms.

As we evolve to meet our users’ needs, we believe Cultivera Market continues to demonstrate five core benefits for cannabis businesses:

businesses save time and money using cultivera's seed-to-sale software
  1. Increasing Brand Visibility;
  2. Saving Time and Money;
  3. Improving Sales Relationships;
  4. Boosting B2B Sales & Orders;
  5. Helping Set Teams Up For Success! 🎯

But you don’t have to take our word for it. 😉

Read on to see what licensed cannabis businesses have said about Cultivera Market in each category.

What Washington Brands Are Saying About Cultivera Market

1. How Cultivera Market Increases Visibility & Networking

Cultivera Market helps vendors of all size increase brand visibility by connecting sellers with retailers across their state.

Here are a few of the things vendors have said about how Cultivera Market helps them boost traffic, visibility, and sales connections.

Promoting your Cultivera Market Boosts B2B Sales With A Click!
"Cultivera [Market] has made it easer to be seen by everyone, and meet everyone.”​
"We’ve been able to create new vendor relationships with store’s that simply would have just been out of reach otherwise."​
"Cultivera Market gives us the ability to interact with more stores, more customers, and turn orders faster.”

2. How Cultivera Market Saves Times & Money

Cultivera Market helps vendors save time and money with simplified workflows and intuitive design, as well as optional Pro automations.

Here are a few of the things vendors have said about how Cultivera Market makes their work easier, saving time and money while increasing efficiency.

illustration of person using cultivera market to sell product
"The Market reminds us of Amazon. It’s so easy to use and we see more and more of our retail partners using it to order.
“It has really been able to streamline availability, and make our sales/fulfillment process more efficient.”
"Cultivera Market "...freed up a lot of time for our sales team to focus in on more specific problems to them."
"Now that the orders come through the Marketplace and we simply have to just manifest and print, it almost immediately cleared up 20 hours out of my week to do other tasks."
"I love how easy it is to use and was to learn. The fact that it stores the PDF of the test results was a huge burden lifted off my shoulders and the fact that we can email all clients straight thru Cultivera with all information about their order was extremely helpful."

3. How Cultivera Market Improves Retail Partnerships

Cultivera Market helps vendors improve sales relationships with an easy-to-use B2B marketplace that retailers across the state like to use. Because in the end there’s two sides to every marketplace: vendors, and purchasers!

Here are a few things vendors have said about how Cultivera Market benefits their retail partners.

Isometric illustrated representation of Cultivera Market B2B sales on a smart phone
“Cultivera has done a remarkable job putting together an online marketplace that retailers have embraced and love to use.”
"...the market is a great 'real time' way of customers to get what they want without any over selling of our products!"​

On the other hand, do Dispensary purchasers shopping the Cultivera Marketplace have positive things to say, too?

Yes! Retailers love that it’s so easy to shop and place orders on Cultivera Market!

"Great and easy to use menus!"
"Cultivera is a great ordering platform for your vendors to set up on and make your ordering process easier and in one spot!"

4. How Cultivera Market Boosts B2B Sales

Cultivera Market helps vendors boost B2B sales orders, with all of the above plus live menus available for dispensaries to shop 24/7!

In the years since launch, we’ve seen that vendors utilizing their Cultivera Market order portal to the fullest typically see results within a month or two, but sometimes even overnight!

Isometric illustration representing shopping and sales. Boost sales by getting started on Cultivera Market.

Over time, most vendors continue to maintain strong momentum, sales activity, and growth through their live Cultivera Marketplace menu.

Here are a few things vendors have said about how Cultivera Market has helped their business boost sales.

"We did $40-50k in new business overnight without promoting (the Market) whatsoever. They just started click… click… clicking."
"The amount of product we were able to move out the door in any given month skyrocketed.
On top of freeing up time, the convenience of the Marketplace for the customers increased the amount of products they ordered, which in return brought us more revenue."
"After three years, the momentum of that [Cultivera Market] process has allowed our brand and products to have remarkable growth."

5. How Cultivera Market Helps Set Teams Up For Success

Cultivera Market helps vendors set their team up for success from day one, with free onboarding and training including one-on-one support.

Plus Cultivera offers a host of online learning tools like digital courses, self-help documents, and downloadable guides, to set every team up for success. On top of that, it’s easy to get started any time.

Here are a few of the comments we’ve gotten about onboarding and support experiences.

Isometric illustration representing shopping and sales. Boost sales by getting started on Cultivera Market.
"...Cultivera software has been intuitive and easy to use."
“Our experience with Cultivera was lovely … staff was kind and thoughtful and took care of our issues promptly.”
"... Onboarding was a breeze.”

Learn More About Cultivera Market

Click here to learn more about why business choose Cultivera Market on the Blog.

When you’re ready to start selling, book a demo to see how we can help your licensed cannabis business grow!

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