How Cultivera Market Changed Washington’s Legal Cannabis Industry

Over the years, Cultivera Market has expanded from a simple B2B system attached to Cultivera Pro, into a thriving marketplace that easily ranks as the most popular legal cannabis market in Washington state. In this article we explore how Cultivera Market helped change Washington’s i502 industry.

A History Of Cultivera Market in Washington

Since launching in 2017, Cultivera Market has grown so much! Built to connect licensed cannabis operators across the supply chain, Cultivera Market first launched as a B2B menu portal attached to Cultivera’s seed-to-sale software.

In the beginning, access to the Cultivera Marketplace was available exclusively to the Producers, Processors, and Distributors already using Cultivera Pro. For a while, these were the only operators with the ability to sell on Cultivera Market.

However, over time the buzz around Cultivera Marketplace grew. Within a few years, over 100 Washington vendors were already utilizing Cultivera Pro + Market for B2B sales. By 2023, Cultivera Market was already easily the most popular legal cannabis e-commerce portal in the state.

teal and white animated badge for cultivera market b2b order portal open 24/7

Then, in the summer of 2023, the full platform officially opened for all Washington vendors! This expansion allowed all licensed sellers in Washington to access Cultivera Market, whether or not they used Cultivera Pro software.

As a result, this expansion was met with a wave of excitement. Within six months of the official opening, 60 additional vendors had already joined.

Now, with 95% of all Washington Dispensaries registered and shopping the 160+ vendors available, the Marketplace is busier than ever.

Still growing strong, Cultivera Market helps power Washington’s legal cannabis industry with 24/7 B2B menus. In particular, the Cultivera Marketplace offers an easy-to-use ordering platform that “retailers have embraced and love to use.” (Natural Mystic Farms)

A Timeline of Cultivera Pro & Market

Icons representing Cultivera Market Rocket Timeline

2017: Cultivera Pro + Market Goes Live!

2018: Cultivera website goes live!

2019: $375 Million Milestone!

2020: $1 BILLION Milestone!

2021: Passed $100 Million Cultivera Market Milestone!

2022: $2 BILLION Cultivera Pro + Market Milestone!

2023: Passed 150 Total Vendors + $500 Million Cultivera Market Milestone!

2024: $3 BILLION Cultivera Pro + Market Milestone!

NOW: 95% Of WA Dispensaries & 160+ Vendors Live!

How Cultivera Market Changed Washington's Legal Cannabis Industry

Like many states, the legal cannabis industry in Washington is known to have more hurdles, barriers, and complex regulations than most industries. Between navigating LCB requirements, CCRS compliance, and licensing red-tape, it can be a challenge to successfully grow.

However, we’ve seen the Cultivera Market platform have a strong effect on the local cannabis industry, helping businesses connect and expand. Cultivera Market is a B2B menu portal built to connect licensed vendors with qualified retail partners across the state. As a result, Cultivera Market helps boost B2B accessibility and revenue, while improving brand visibility and sales networks, and offering key insights into the region’s industry.

Here are the three most important ways the Cultivera Market platform has helped change Washington’s cannabis industry:

Isometric illustration of b2b sales through the Cultivera Market

1. Boosting B2B accessibility for legal cannabis across the board.

2. Improving sales networks for small businesses across the state.

3. Providing key insights into the B2B supply chain of Washington’s legal cannabis industry.

3 Ways Cultivera Market Helped Changed Washington's Legal Cannabis Industry

1. Boosting B2B networking and accessibility for legal cannabis across the board.

Cultivera Market allows licensed retailers to find more legally compliant inventory with the click of a button, helping businesses across the supply chain connect with new and favorite sales partners with minimal effort.

As a result, Cultivera Market helps vendors and retailers simplify the networking process, making it easier than ever. 

"We’ve been able to create new vendor relationships with stores that simply would have just been out of reach otherwise."

Cultivera solutions offer everything you need, all in one place

Together, this saves businesses time and money on the often tedious workflows and travel requirements that so often come with B2B sales efforts.

More than anything, the increased accessibility Cultivera Market offers can help vendors make more sales, faster, and give both sellers and their retail partners more time to focus on other parts of their business.

"The Market reminds us of Amazon. It’s so easy to use and we see more and more of our retail partners using it to order."

2. Improving sales opportunities for small businesses across the state.

teal rocket icon with cultivera market logo

With over 95% of licensed Washington Dispensaries already registered, Cultivera Market helps vendors boost brand visibility to retailers across the state.

Once they’ve launched B2B menu on Cultivera Market, licensed sellers can share their live menu and connect with potential buyers to supplement their team’s sales efforts. In practice, this helps businesses save both time and money, while boosting visibility and revenue.

In fact, we’ve found that when Cultivera customers utilize (and optimize) their unique Cultivera Market portal, their orders and sales increase, sometimes even overnight!

This boost in visibility also means that Dispensary purchasers can discover a larger variety of brands and products than ever before, allowing retail buyers to effortlessly browse and shop both new and favorite B2B menus with the click of a button.

"Cultivera [Market] has made it easer to be seen by everyone, and meet everyone.”

3. Providing key insights into the B2B supply chain of Washington's legal cannabis industry.

To allow users to better understand the local industry, and where they fall within it, every quarter we compile overall data from Washington’s Cultivera Marketplace into a Quarterly Report. Featuring stats, shout-outs, and sales leaderboards, these reports allow readers to get a peek behind the scenes of the local marketplace.

Quarterly reports include new vendors and retailers, vendors with the highest sales to the strain names sold most, trending new products to busiest days of the week, and more. Combined, these clickable, digital reports offer a unique, one-of-a-kind look behind the scenes of Washington’s legal cannabis industry.

The data in the Q2 Cultivera Market Report for Washington shows unique trends and patterns in the i502 b2b industry

In addition, since the quarterly reports are interactive, readers can click on links and logos, boosting traffic to Cultivera Market vendors on a consistent basis. This way, our quarterly reports manage to both celebrate and promote the incredible brands and businesses that utilize Cultivera Market, all in one place, while also helping users to better understand the local industry. Click here to check out the most recent Cultivera Market Report.

Plus, Cultivera Market sellers also utilizing the seed-to-sale solutions of Cultivera Pro have the additional benefit of a full analytics dashboard to help optimize their sales with valuable business intelligence.

Together these features allow for a more complete look at both the Cultivera Marketplace, and the state’s legal cannabis industry as a whole.

Learn more about Washington’s thriving Cultivera Marketplace on the blog, including quarterly report highlights, brand spotlights, and industry resources.

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