Cultivera Market Spotlight: Sky High Gardens

As Seattle’s premier craft cannabis company, Sky High Gardens aims to offer “outstanding flowers that taste as good as they look.” Find out the details on their origins, struggles, and success in the latest Cultivera Market Spotlight.

Spotlight On: Sky High Gardens

Sky High Gardens has been cultivating craft cannabis in Seattle since 2015. But they’ve been part of the cannabis industry, and Seattle itself, for far longer.

Focusing on high quality flower, pre-rolls, and bubble hash, Sky High Gardens works with care to grow single-origin cannabis plants with robust terpene profiles and no pesticides.

We are Seattle grown craft cannabis, with a focus on terpene rich product that’s cold curedpesticide free, and grown with attention to detail.”

In this Cultivera Market Spotlight, we talk with the SHG team to learn more about their origins. From how they got started to the struggles they’ve faced, and the success they’ve seen along the way.

The Origins Of Sky High Gardens

Starting out in the early days of Medical Marijuana in Washington, the name “Sky High” was conceived as demand for high quality home grow products in the region skyrocketed.

As Adult-Use legalization rolled around, the team at SHG pivoted from the Medical market. With their focus on care and quality, they quickly established themselves as pioneers in the new legal industry in Seattle.

“At Sky High Gardens, “Craft” is defined by taking the extra care necessary to cultivate in small batches which produce flavor and effect miles above the rest.”

The company thrived, as thousands of new Adult-Use customers enjoyed SHG products. As Seattle locals proud of their cultivation facility and process, SHG became the first company in Washington to allow public tours. These tours allowed enthusiasts and tourists alike to “gawk” at as many as 150 different terpene-rich strain varieties grown in their West Seattle warehouse.

“We also claim to be the first company in Washington (that we know of) that began designing strain-specific artwork for our packaging line.”

From Success To Struggle & Back Again

Unfortunately, the good times didn’t last. Despite their early success, the team at SHG dealt with electrical issues that slowed expansion, along with internal troubles. As a result, the company struggled to see progress as 2015 came to a close. Though they were down, the team wasn’t out, and they didn’t give up.

In 2016, they changed locations and focused on restructuring the business. Over the years, the Sky High Gardens team has worked hard to earn a reputation that partners and consumers can trust.

“Sky High Gardens re-structured and moved to our current location near Starbucks Headquarters in 2016. Despite facing many challenges as the years have progressed, we have continued to expand, mature, and improve.”

Since then SHG has continued to rise to their challenges, expanding, maturing, and improving along the way.

Now Sky High Gardens grown to a team of 22, and still puts thoughtful care into their cultivation practices. Working with retail partners across the state, SHG continues to offer products that reflect their passion for growing “the most consistent, no-nonsense cannabis in the market.”

“As of 2023, the company employs 22 staff and provides flavorful, thoughtfully cultivated cannabis to retailer partners from Spokane to Bellingham, Vancouver, and everywhere in-between.”

Cultivating Craft​ With Care

How does Sky High Gardens continue to persevere? It starts with their attention to detail.

First, their single-source, full-flavored cannabis plants are grown utilizing 100% LED lights. These LEDs offer advanced light spectrums that promote the plant’s full potency and flavor. As a bonus, they also help reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Each plant is watered and cared for by hand, without pesticides, then extensively flushed before harvest for optimal flavor.

Buds are hand-manicured, then cold-cured for 30 days in stainless steel vaults to lock in each plant’s bright aroma and robust flavor. Pre-rolls are hand-packed, with 100% flower, for a smooth burn and full flavor. The goal, according to the team, is a fully “divine” experience.

“Our passion for growing cannabis is as great as ever, and we believe that our troubled history has set a foundation for a bright future.”

With a wide variety of cultivars in their diverse strain catalogue, SHG offers both new strains and old favorites. From classic strains, like Blue Dream, Dutch Treat, and Pineapple Chunk, to more unique, popular cultivars that propel interest and the industry.

“Each of our cultivars offers a unique flavor and experience: different smokes for different folks!”

Their premium packaging boasts strain-specific artwork and critical details consumers need, like genetic profiles and notable terpenes. Many even come with Boveda packs to maintain proper moisture content. To keep products fresh, the team packages retail orders the day before they’re set to go out, for peak freshness upon arrival.

“From clone to sale, we skip no steps in our process to ensure the industry’s highest quality.”

Still Growing Strong

The effort has been paying off, and business keeps growing. Over the years the SHG team has most enjoyed meeting like-minded, hardworking folks in the industry that share their passion.

Looking to expand their customer base, this summer Sky High Gardens became some of the latest Washington Producer/Processors to start selling B2B products in the Cultivera Market. Now with the click of a button, retail purchasers can find SHG’s premium craft cannabis, and shop their latest menu with ease.

This month, Sky High Gardens is excited to launch a new line of Hash Rosin, now available in their Cultivera Market order portal.

Grown, washed, and hand-crafted in their facility in the heart of Seattle, the new line continues their legacy of quality and care.

  • Single Source: All material is grown, washed, and hand crafted at our facility in the heart of Seattle;
  • Select Spectrum: Pressed 73u – 120u micron hash;
  • Cold Cured: Cake-batter/frosting-like consistency comes from hand whipping each batch after a short cure, without additional heat;
  • Limited Release: Released in small batches to maintain quality and stay focused on fresh flavors and consistency!

Where will Sky High Gardens grow from here? Well, the answer may be in the name!

“With the addition of 2 new cultivation rooms, we are gradually expanding our distribution in Washington and searching for retail partners that share our passion for premium craft cannabis.

You can expect new fresh products and genetics to be brought to market as we grow.”

You can find Sky High Gardens online at, see more on their Youtube channel, or follow them on Instagram.

Of course, licensed retail purchasers for Washington Dispensaries can shop Sky High Garden’s B2B menu any time, 24/7!

Click here to shop now on Cultivera Market.

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