Cultivera Market Spotlight: Hazy Daze

This month’s Cultivera Spotlight introduces Hazy Daze, a top quality Washington Producer/Processor now available on Cultivera Market.

Spotlight On: Hazy Daze

Hazy Daze is a small, craft farm in Belfair, Washington that’s known for making high-quality products from naturally-grown indoor flower.

Now available in the state’s Cultivera Market, their story begins in the Medical industry in 2008.

Back then, the founder of Hazy Daze served the Washington medical community. They produced high-quality medical products for years before the state’s legalization of Adult-Use cannabis in 2012.

But as soon as it was possible to be part of a legal Adult-Use industry, the Hazy Daze team jumped at the opportunity to grow with the times.

“…when the opportunity to legalize [for Adult-Use] become a reality, we did just that.”

In 2014, they received their Adult-Use Producer/Processor license, and they have been growing ever since!

Growing Naturally With High Quality Practices

Above all, using the right cultivation practices has been important along the journey. For this reason, Hazy Daze’s plants are grown indoors using living soil, and are never exposed to pesticides.

Known for specialty blunts and pre-rolls, each product is made with hand-ground flower, using a double-screen process that keeps out unwanted fillers like stem pieces and fan leaves.

However, true to their roots in the Medical industry, Hazy Daze also offers popular full-spectrum topicals like “Wonder Rub,” and various “Bath Fizz” products.

“All of our topicals are 100% natural and we take the time to ensure the maximum amount of helpful native phytochemicals are retained to promote healing, not just exceptional pain relief.”

First developed for medical patients in their early days, these product lines are still popular thanks to high quality and strong medicinal properties!

Expanding Further With Cultivera Market

One of the most incredible values of Cultivera Market is how easily vendors can connect with qualified Dispensary purchasers. Selling on Cultivera Market makes it easier to boost sales to both existing and new customers, with real-time menus that Retailers can browse any time, 24/7!

As a small business with a team of five, this ability to boost brand visibility with just a few clicks was exactly what they were looking for. So they signed on with Cultivera Market looking to simplify their sales workflows, citing the “ease of ordering for our retail locations.”

So far, it has worked! By offering top-quality products to Dispensaries through the Cultivera Marketplace, Hazy Daze can boost visibility and sales without increasing labor.

“…as a small farm of just five total team members, we can’t express enough how much we appreciate having a platform that gives access to retailers to shop our full boutique product line throughout the state.”

This streamlined accessibility has meant their brand can expand into more areas of the state than ever. With Cultivera Market, they can get more product onto more Dispensary shelves, with less effort.

Once launched, the new opportunities started trickling in.

“We’ve been able to create new vendor relationships with stores that simply would have just been out of reach otherwise.”

Interested B2B purchasers can find the Hazy Daze menu any time, day or night, in their Cultivera Market order portal.

Learn More About Hazy Daze

Curious to know more about Hazy Daze and their craft products?

Follow their journey and learn more on Facebook at HazyDaze502, and Instagram at hazydazegrowers.

Dispensary buyers can click here to shop now.

Not shopping or selling on Cultivera Market yet?

Click the button below to book a demo now, or here to learn more about how to get started.

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