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An all-in-one point-of-sale and inventory management solution for licensed retailers and medical dispensaries.

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A Smarter Retail Solution

Simple and intuitive, the Cultivera POS system includes personalized inventory, purchasing, and customer management solutions for cannabis retailers and medical dispensaries. Cultivera’s complete dispensary management software features an elegant, uncluttered interface, automated reports, and unrivaled customer support.

Cultivera POS is our direct response to the demand for better retail solutions: a vertically integrated point of sale platform connected to the Cultivera Pro system. Cultivera’s signature is excellent tech combined with deep understanding of the operational needs of cannabis companies. Cultivera POS is no exception.

Supported Integrations

Provide online menu availability to customers by syncing Cultivera POS with these supported third-party platforms.

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Flexible Workflows

Intuitive and uncluttered, with a simplified user interface and rapid customer throughput for an effortless budtender experience. Streamline the point-of-sale process with our built-in ID validation via doorman or check-in station, weight stations, “restaurant-style” fulfillment, and floating budtenders to assist shopping customers.

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Lightning-Fast Intake And Hassle-free Returns

Streamlined product intake so you never spend more time than needed dealing with new inventory. Built-in loss prevention workflows, Vendor CRM, and QuickBooks integration to stay on top of product orders, payments, and returns.

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Offline Mode For Peace Of Mind

Access your records, staff hours, and sales account through the browser on any computer, tablet, or phone for convenient mobility. Continue uninterrupted sales in the event of a power or Wi-Fi outage with offline mode.

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Responsive & Friendly Customer Support

We make switching to Cultivera POS effortless, with direct training and customer support at every stage. Easy to set up and highly customizable to fit small businesses and scale up as your operation grows. Whenever you have questions, our product experts are here to guide you.
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Effortless Compliance

Automated reports you can validate before sending, or have submitted in real-time with no delays, saving you time and money on data entry and paperwork while providing you with robust analytics to better understand your business and customers.
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An All-Inclusive Cannabis Retail System

Reduce hardware clutter by utilizing our built-in time clock, integrated inventory control, multi-location management, integrated scale, customer loyalty program and discounts, medical patient validation, and wired and Bluetooth compatibility. Manage employees schedules’, productivity, and sales activity, easily reconcile cash sales, and take care of administrative tasks more efficiently.

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Simplified Check-Ins

Check-in process with Integrated Driver’s License and medical ID scanning for age verification and validation. Queue customers to load at terminal for faster service and enhanced customer retail experience. Eliminate errors with customer data capture to bolster the accuracy of your CRM.
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Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your business with reporting and analytic features. Dashboards give you a bird’s-eye look at important information, including sales, inventory, and revenue data. Or dive into the details with sales summaries and historical comparisons with more advanced, real-time reporting features.

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Start Simplifying Your Success Today

Ready to grow your business? Schedule a free demo at your convenience to learn how Cultivera Point-Of-Sale can optimize and scale your cannabis operation.


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