Cultivera Market Vendor Spotlight: Parasol Premium Cannabis

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Parasol Premium was founded by a group of like-minds with a deep love for the plant. Their goal? To bring unique strains to the Washington marketplace, and establish Parasol as one of the best Producers in the state. To this end, their team focuses on producing “beautiful and unique cultivars” that are both unique and exciting.

How Cultivera Market Changed Washington’s Legal Cannabis Industry

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When first launched, Cultivera Market was available exclusively to the Producers, Processors, and Distributors already using Cultivera Pro seed-to-sale software.

Over time, the buzz around Cultivera Marketplace grew. By 2022, over 100 Washington vendors were already utilizing Cultivera Pro + Market for B2B sales. By 2023, Cultivera Market was already easily the most popular i502 e-commerce portal in the state.

Top Five Cultivera Pro + Market Updates In Washington

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The new year brought a host of new updates to the Cultivera Pro and Cultivera Market platforms in Washington State. In this article we break down the five most useful updates, and why they matter to users and the industry.


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