Q1 Insights From Washington’s Cultivera Market Report

The team at Cultivera is excited to share the latest data and insights from Washington’s first quarter of 2024. Get a peek at the industry numbers below, and sign up to see the Q1 Cultivera Market Report now.

The First Cultivera Market Report of the Year Is Now Live!

Every quarter, we share a new Cultivera Market Quarterly Report for our home state of Washington. These reports first launched at the end of 2021 to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the growing Cultivera Marketplace, with the first official report going live in January of 2022.

Since then, these in-depth, seasonal reports have offered a bird’s-eye-view of Washington’s Cultivera Market over a given quarter.

Featured data includes sales statistics, brand leaderboards, trending new products, inventory insights, and even vendor shoutouts and user resources.

To allow for more context, we compare our Cultivera Market data against previous quarters, as well as publicly-sourced industry information.

Together this unique data combination becomes a valuable industry resource, offering a look at what brands, trends, and products are taking Washington’s cannabis marketplace by storm.

Insights From Washington's First Quarter

This quarter, returning readers may notice that new Quarterly Reports don’t just have a new layout and style, but whole new sets of information!

You’ll find the usual statistics on total sales, orders, vendors, and retailers from Washington’s Cultivera Marketplace, as well as new shout-outs and details about vendors, plus additional insights into the industry as a whole.

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But what’s going on in the Washington cannabis industry, and who’s topping the charts so far this year? Below we share a few of the most interesting insights and data from inside the report.

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Quick Facts

Here’s a look at some of the insights available in the Q1 Cultivera Market Report for Washington:

  • A total of 458 Washington Dispensaries and Tribal Retailers were registered on Cultivera Market, 95% of the state’s Retailers.

  • Over 23,000 orders were placed, totaling over $52M in sales: that’s an 11% increase in total sales volume over the previous quarter.

  • 167 different B2B vendors in Washington received an order, a 35% increase from Q1 of last year.

  • A total of 4,728 unique strain names were sold over the quarter, 22% more than Q1 of last year!

  • Although the majority of Cultivera Market sales orders continue to be placed on Mondays, Friday orders jumped 3%!

  • 18 of the top 25 Washington cities had 100% of local licensed Dispensaries and Tribal Retailers registered on Cultivera Market during the quarter!

Brands Included

Who’s mentioned in the leaderboards and shoutouts inside the Q1 Cultivera Market Report?

Here are just a few dozen of the 80+ brands, distributors, and dispensaries mentioned in the report.

Pop Quiz!

Can you guess these Washington Cultivera Market facts?

Make your guess, then hover your mouse over each question (or tap) for a hint at the answer!

Top Vendor?

Which Cultivera Market Vendor had the highest sales volume?

Top Category?

Which inventory category saw the most product sales?

Top Strain?

Which "strain name" had the most product sales during Q1?

Top Buyer?

Which Dispensary account placed the most orders by sales volume?

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What Is Cultivera Market?

Cultivera Market is a B2B ecommerce platform that connects licensed cannabis businesses for seamless networking and sales. 

Once only available for Cultivera Pro users, we built the Cultivera Market order portal to help streamline the legal cannabis supply chain from seed to sale. With that in mind, it’s been thrilling to watch the Marketplace take off and continue to grow. 

And since the official opening to all Washington sellers last summer, even more new vendors have activated Cultivera Market accounts every month, connecting with potential partners across the state.

If you’re not buying or selling on Cultivera Market yet, what’s holding you back?

When you’re ready to see how Cultivera can help your business grow, click here to book a demo and see for yourself.

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