Beyond Traceability: An Introduction to Cultivera

For anyone new here, we’ve put together this beginner’s introduction to Cultivera and what we do: our mission, our history, and how we help cannabis operations grow.

What is Cultivera?

Cultivera is a software development company dedicated to bringing intuitive, vertically integrated, cannabis-specific business solutions to cannabis operators around the globe.

Our team combines top software talent coupled with deep experience in the legal cannabis industry. We power the industry with seed-to-sale traceability and management software for every stage of a legal cannabis operation.

Our mission is to build the software we know our customers deserve, providing vertical solutions to help shape the growing legal cannabis industry.

When we launched in 2016, we researched and built software solutions from the ground up with the help of a diverse set of cannabis operators looking to solve their largest pain points.

Now, we provide seed-to-sale traceability and enterprise management software for every stage of the cannabis industry, and have grown to serve some of the best in the business.

What does Cultivera do?

Cultivera offers services that make cannabis business simple for everyone looking to be successful in the legal cannabis market, whether you’re new to the industry or have years of experience.

We aid in streamlining day-to-day operations through intuitive workflows, including tracking and reporting tools customized to help in every aspect of a licensed cannabis business.

Our easy-to-use, vertically integrated platform for cannabis business operations has something for everyone in the industry: cultivators, producers, processors, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and dispensaries.

With custom software and on-demand tech support, we take care of customers’ track-and-trace compliance needs with automated reports, inventory management, online sales orders, customer relationship management, and top notch customer service.

Together, our software solutions make compliance and growth easier than ever.

What makes Cultivera different?

We know there’s plenty of traceability and business management software out there you could use for your cannabis enterprise, but we think you’ll appreciate the extra benefits the Cultivera platform has to offer. We’re confident you will find our simplified user interface, reporting, inventory tracking, cannabis relationship management, and reliable tech support are second to none.

Cultivera software is intuitive, easy to use, and data-driven, so cannabis professionals at all levels can spend more time doing what they love, while Cultivera’s solutions do the rest.

We minimize manual data entry with automation at every turn, reduce overall human error, and provide tools to help your business succeed while you scale. The Cultivera system offers streamlined, all-in-one traceability solutions for cannabis operators, geared toward maintaining compliance for their local jurisdiction, including harvest and waste tracking; cannabis business management; automated inventory and reports; simplified order approval, fulfillment, and manifest generation; comprehensive analytics and insights; and more.

In those states using the Metrc track-and-trace system, we offer real-time, 2-way data synchronization keeping both environments updated and matching at all times. This bi-directional data-sync allows for efficient compliance tracking and reporting of all relevant data for your state regulators at each stage of the process. This translates into true savings related to the time and costs associated with labor, where manual data entry has previously been the standard.

We don’t just take care of our customers’ track-and-trace compliance needs, we make their lives easier, with data-centric integrated business software and exceptional customer service. From training and beyond, whenever you have questions, our on-boarding and support experts are there to guide you every step of the way.

For more details, check out Frequently Asked Questions About Cultivera.

What does the Cultivera system have to offer?

Cultivera software handles all aspects of the supply chain, including full cannabis and non-cannabis inventory management; cannabis relationship manager; pre-populated forms; state compliance reporting; third-party integrations; and our incredible B2B marketplace.

We do all of this by offering three primary software solutions for businesses: Pro, Market, and POS. You can learn more about each of these below, or on the blog.

cultivera pro

Cultivera Pro is our flagship solution, offering streamlined, vertically-integrated traceability for cannabis operators, geared toward maintaining compliance for their local jurisdiction: harvest and waste tracking; business management tools; automated inventory and reporting; customer relations management; comprehensive analytics; and much more, featuring automated workflows from seed-to-sale that make compliance simple at every stage.

To learn more about Cultivera Pro and availability in your state, please contact us.

cultivera market

The Cultivera Market is our commission-free B2B order portal built specifically to increase revenue by connecting buyers to brands, featuring live menus, real-time product availability, automated fulfillment, and simplified sales and inventory management.

Cultivera Pro users can easily make and manage sales, new or existing retail relationships, prices, promotions, and more. Inviting retail partners to the marketplace is quick and simple, and they never pay fees for orders, making it easier, and more profitable, for everyone involved.

To learn more about Cultivera Market and availability in your state, please contact us.

cultivera pos

Cultivera POS is an all-in-one point-of-sale that includes personalized inventory, purchasing, and customer management solutions for cannabis retailers and medical dispensaries. Simple and intuitive, with an elegant, uncluttered interface, automated reports, robust analytics, and unrivaled customer support.

To learn more about Cultivera POS and availability in your state, please contact us.

Ready to grow your business with one of our services? Schedule a free demo to learn how Cultivera can help you optimize and scale your cannabis operation. You can also learn more about Cultivera, and each of these services, on our website at

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