What Is Traceability?

Traceability is a critical part of the legal cannabis industry in any regulated market. But what does it actually mean, and how does it affect your operation?

Defining Traceability

Traceability, referred to in some states as “Track-and-Trace” or “T&T,” is the continued tracking of a product through its development, production, supply chain, and sale.

In general, track-and-trace services are meant to protect consumers by providing visibility into a given supply chain. Clear visibility allows for quick responses to questionable products or safety recalls. In the cannabis industry, this visibility is also meant to prevent legal cannabis from being diverted into, or out of, the black market.

Traceability systems rely on the foundational principles of identify, capture, and share. Most track-and-trace platforms monitor weight, location, and transfers of cannabis through a cloud-based traceability system designed for state regulatory agencies.

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“Traceability,” sometimes referred to as “Track-and-Trace,” is the continued tracking of a product throughout its supply chain.

This typically means that plant tags record information on individual plants, while packages contain the specifics of all inventory data, including product information, manufacturing, and facility location, and transfers signify the movement of inventory along the supply chain. Together, this visibility establishes the chain of custody for any product.

What Is Traceability Software?

Traceability software tracks product by funneling data from all along the supply chain into a centralized, cloud-based platform.

Many state regulatory agencies, such as the Bureau of Cannabis Control in California and the WSLCB in Washington, use third-party track-and-trace platforms to track their local markets. Using traceability software, regulatory bodies can monitor the movements of cannabis plants and products within their market. This ensures that operators are staying compliant with local laws and regulations.

The most common track-and-trace software system is Metrc. As of 2021, more U.S. states have adopted Metrc than any other T&T platform. Other regulatory traceability platforms include Leaf Data Systems, BioTrack, and Washington’s Cannabis Central Reporting System.

But no matter which traceability software a given state utilizes, staying compliant with local regulations is never easy. Compliance success requires ongoing record-keeping, reports, auditing, and consistent manual data-entry. These requirements can take up hours, days, or even weeks, of your time.

Cultivera Pro offers real-time, 2-way track-and-trace data synchronization. This keeps integrated environments updated and matching at all times. Compared to manual data entry, Cultivera saves users thousands of hours of time and labor every year on traceability, completing orders and reporting in half their usual time.

Cultivera Pro + Track-and-Trace = Seed-to-Sale Success

You may hear the term “traceability,” “track-and-trace,” and “seed-to-sale” used interchangeably. But traceability is the continued tracking of a product through its seed-to-sale cycle.

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Cultivera Pro syncs with regulatory traceability systems to keep operators effortlessly compliant, and in control, from seed to sale.

Regulatory agencies looking to track their local markets often rely on T&T software run by third-party companies, like Metrc, to manage industry compliance. But beyond visibility into a given supply chain, on their own track-and-trace platforms do not offer users any particular tools to manage or scale their business. Instead, these systems are built to serve industry regulators and state agencies, not the businesses who are required to use them.

In contrast, we built Cultivera seed-to-sale business management software specifically to serve licensed cannabis operators. This is why Cultivera’s seamless integrations have so much to offer cannabis operations. Our vertical solutions simplify business compliance by filling in those gaps from seed to sale

At Cultivera, we understand the importance of providing more than just business software, but a complete solution that encompasses subject-matter expertise and unparalleled support. Driven by our responsibility to provide confidence to the industry, we keep cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers compliant while freeing up valuable time and resources.

The Cultivera ecosystem syncs directly with regulatory traceability platforms for seamless track-and-trace compliance, while also offering tools to make work easier. Boost sales, reduce manual data entry and human error, auto-fill reports, and improve sales relationships all in one platform. This includes in-depth business intelligence and analytics, so operators can make data-driven decisions for their business.

Want To Learn More?

To learn more about Metrc, the most commonly used seed-to-sale traceability software, check out our full Introductory Guide to Metrc.

Want to know more about Cultivera’s operations management services? Or how our vertical ecosystem can help your cannabis enterprise streamline seed-to-sale operations?
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