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Massachusetts was the 18th U.S. state to legalize medical marijuana, back in 2012, and later legalized recreational cannabis for adult use in 2016. The next year, 2017, the state set up the Cannabis Control Commission.


Licensing Bodies

Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission

The MA Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) regulates licensees in the legal adult-use and medical-use markets throughout Massachusetts. This includes reviewing applications and issuing licenses for adult-use Marijuana Establishments (MEs) and Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MTCs).

Licensure Guide available here.

License Types

Marijuana Cultivation

May cultivate, process, and package marijuana, to transfer marijuana to other MEs, but not to consumers.

Craft Marijuana Cooperative

A type of Marijuana Cultivator which may cultivate, obtain, manufacture, process, package, and brand marijuana and marijuana products to transport marijuana to MEs, but not to consumers.

Marijuana Product Manufacturer

An entity authorized to obtain, manufacture, process, and package marijuana and marijuana products, to transport marijuana and marijuana products to MEs, and to transfer marijuana and marijuana products to other MEs, but not to consumers.

Marijuana Retailer

An entity authorized to purchase, repackage, white label, and transport marijuana or marijuana products from Marijuana Establishments (ME), and to sell, repackage or otherwise transfer marijuana and marijuana products to other MEs and to sell to consumers.

Marijuana Treatment Centers (MTC)

“An MTC acquires, cultivates, possesses, processes, transports, sells, distributes, delivers, dispenses, or administers marijuana, products containing cannabis or marijuana, related supplies, or educational materials to registered qualifying patients or their personal caregivers for medical use.”


Transporters (Existing Licensee Transporter or Third-Party Transporter) are licensed for transporting, temporary storage, sale, and distribution of legal cannabis products.

Marijuana Research Facility

An academic institution, non-profit corporation, domestic corporation, or entity authorized to do business in Massachusetts, which may cultivate, purchase, or otherwise acquire marijuana for the purpose of conducting research regarding marijuana and marijuana products.


A colocated Tier 1 Marijuana Cultivator, and/or Marijuana Product Manufacturer limited to purchase 2,000 pounds of marijuana from other MEs in one (1) year.

Traceability Requirements

Track-and-Trace Requirements

Like many states with a legal marijuana market, Massachusetts utilizes the most common cannabis traceability system: Metrc.

Cultivera Pro is a validated, Metrc-approved integrator in Massachusetts and meets all compliance requirements. Read more on the Metrc website.



Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition with the mission of educating the Public about the potential of cannabis as an ecologically sound resource, medicine, and recreational substance, and to “build a consensus for a more moral and rational public policy regarding all uses of the cannabis plant.”

Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance

The MPAA represents patients, caregivers, family members, medical professionals, and public health groups. Since medical marijuana was passed, MPAA has worked with the Department of Public Health, the MA Cannabis Control Commission, and other stakeholders to ensure implementation of the law was completed in a manner that worked for both individual patients and communities as a whole.

Massachusetts Cannabis Business Association

Massachusetts CBA is a trusted resource and advocate group that supports the responsible growth of the cannabis industry in Massachusetts. The MCBA works to create a “vibrant, equitable cannabis industry that serves as a positive economic engine for the region and acts responsibly toward our partners, neighbors, customers, and government stakeholders.”


The Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana | Chapter 334

Act to control the production and distribution of marijuana under a system that licenses, regulates and taxes the businesses involved, making marijuana legal for adults 21 years of age or older.

Ensure Safe Access To Marijuana | Chapter 55

Amended previous rules to create a Cannabis Control Commission and Cannabis Advisory Board.

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