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The state of Maine legalized cannabis for Medical use in 2009, with the “Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act.” In 2016, “An Act to Legalize Marijuana” was passed, allowing personal use for adults 21 and older. Sales started slow, however, with the first Retail licenses awarded in the fall of 2020. Now the state boasts over a thousand licensed medical and recreational operations.


Licensing Bodies

Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program

The Maine Medical Use Marijuana Program” (MMMP) is meant to ensure and facilitate an efficient, responsible legal medical marijuana environment throughout the state. The MMMP provides compliance oversight, processes, guidelines and support to the legal cultivation, processing, and selling of medical marijuana in Maine.

Office Of Marijuana Policy

The Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP) works “To ensure the health and safety of all Mainers by effectively and responsibly licensing and regulating marijuana establishments.”


Traceability Requirements

Track-and-Trace Requirements

The state of Maine currently utilizes Metrc for their primary track-and-trace system. Cultivera is a validated, Metrc-approved integrator in Maine, and meets all compliance requirements.

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