Top Five Reasons to Use Cultivera Pro

As a cannabis business operator, managing hours of manual data entry and ongoing expenses while staying compliant can be exhausting and overwhelming. If you can relate, check out the top five benefits of using Cultivera Pro to save time, money, and peace of mind.

For licensed cannabis cultivators and producers, proper tracking and reporting is critical for legal compliance and overall success. Cultivera’s proven seed-to-sale traceability and management software solutions are built to help.

Our easy-to-use, vertically integrated platform for cannabis business operations has something for everyone in the industry: Cultivators, Producers, Processors, Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, and Dispensaries.

Cultivera Pro is our flagship solution, offering streamlined traceability for cannabis operators geared toward maintaining compliance for their local jurisdiction. Pro offers enterprise and compliance solutions that keep business running smoothly and give you peace of mind: harvest and waste tracking; business tools; automated inventory, insights, and reporting; cannabis relationship management; comprehensive analytics; and much more.

We make compliance, growth, and B2B sales easier than ever.

In fact, so far over half of Washington state’s monthly producer and processor sales are through Cultivera Pro, and we’re still growing.

Now let’s break those down…


1. Free Guided Onboarding

We offer one-on-one instruction and compassionate customer support at every stage of onboarding, with complimentary training and webinars for users up to launch day and beyond. Our clients can rely on responsive, human support, whether their operation has a team of five, fifty, or five-hundred.

Whenever you have questions, our onboarding and support experts are there to guide you, every step of the way.

contact support by phone or email to see how cultivera can help you save time and money

2. Intuitive Seed-to-Sale Workflows

Everything you need in one place, from monitoring your harvest to managing cannabis relationships, sales, marketing, and staff efforts. Pro workflows aid in streamlining day-to-day operations through easy management and intuitive workflows. This includes tracking and reporting tools customized to help in every aspect of a licensed cannabis business, from seed to sale.

Cultivera Pro allows you to automatically generate barcodes and compliance labels, efficiently handle sales orders and retailer partnerships, and so much more. Seamlessly manage inventory, waste, and sales, or convert product. Access lab results, approve orders, and generate manifests, all in one system.

3. Always Free For Retailers

The Cultivera Market offers a complimentary B2B sales portal included with every Pro account. Here, retail partners can order from your live inventory 24/7, without having to worry about fees or order conflicts.

Inventory managers can easily specify the products and discounts that appear to each retail partner, and approve orders to stay on top of it all.

Inviting retail partners to the marketplace is quick and simple, and they never pay fees for orders. The Market makes it easier, and more profitable, for everyone involved.

4. Automated Compliance

Do you still enter your cannabis reporting data manually?

The process can take hours, and be repetitive, time-consuming, and exhausting. We help businesses minimize manual data entry and reduce human error with automation at every turn, and provide tools to help cannabis operations succeed and scale.

With third-party integrations like QuickBooks, Metrc, CCRS, and BioTrackPro helps you easily stay in compliance while saving time and helping to scale your operation.

5. Traceability Simplified

Cultivera Pro makes traceability easy with intuitive, customized workflows and templates.

Features include tracking and reporting workflows with pre-populated labels and forms, 1D and 2D barcode capabilities, business insights, and automated report generation.

The vertically integrated platform provides effortless track-and-trace compliance with state systems from seed to sale: simplified reporting, optional automations, sales, invoicing, and analytics. Cultivera Pro offers a full business management suite for all aspects of your traceability needs.

See the benefits in action with a free virtual demonstration with a Cultivera expert, and learn how we can help your operation grow.

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