Exceptional Budtending

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If you’ve ever worked in retail or sales, there are a few basic skills that can help even the most introverted person become a helpful budtender. Regardless of your cannabis knowledge or experience, behavioral soft skills are coveted amongst the public. Most people don’t even realize they are receiving this treatment, but they sure do notice when they don’t!
Here are the top four bud-tending skills to perfect.

Three Steps to Metrc Success

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Is Metrc coming to your cannabis market?

Are you ready?

With more states adopting the Metrc cannabis track-and-trace system every quarter, business operators and entrepreneurs have a lot of questions about the platform. We understand, and we want to make it easy for operators to get started, and find success, within the platform.

At Cultivera, we are driven by the notion that it is our responsibility to provide confidence to the industry as a whole. We know the importance of providing more than just business software, but a complete solution that encompasses subject-matter expertise and unparalleled support.

Before we start, if you’re new to the Metrc traceability system you’ll want to brush up on what to expect. Metrc is a compliance system that provides regulators with real-time visibility into the cannabis supply chain. The letters in M.E.T.R.C. stand for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compliance. The system is built to help state regulatory offices manage legal cannabis traceability information and reporting throughout the supply chain.

For many legal cannabis Producers, Processors, and Distributors in existing Metrc states, compliance can take hours of extra work every week. Working with incredible enterprises over the years, we’ve learned a lot about this widely-used traceability system, and are here to help you on your way to Metrc success.

3 Steps To Metrc Success

Here at Cultivera we have a three-part framework for getting your operation ready for Metrc traceability compliance. Each step helps licensed cannabis operators looking to stay compliant without sacrificing hours of extra time and labor.

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