The Expanding Metrc Network

Metrc keeps on growing. We’re ready to help operators grow with them.

The Metrc cannabis traceability system is being adopted by more states every quarter. As legalization spreads, it’s likely the Metrc network will expand even further.

To help cannabis operators keep up, our team is gathering critical news and resources to help operators through these transitions. In the coming months, Cultivera will be offering workshops, Q&As, and guides on Metrc compliance and integration, and how Cultivera makes it simple. But to get you started, here are the basics.

map of US states within the metrc network

Metrc Network Expansion

Over the last few months, the network of states utilizing the Metrc track-and-trace system has continued to expand. Both Oklahoma and West Virginia have announced plans to adopt Metrc as their official state cannabis traceability system.

We’re happy to reassure our diverse network of clients and partners that we are ready to help in these transitions. Cultivera COO Chase Towery even spoke with Oklahoma News 9 when the news was announced. You can see a clip of that interview on the News9 website.

Cultivera is an approved integrator in every state Metrc currently services, with a proven track record of success. We are closely following these transitions; ready for any and all changes the system adoption brings to cannabis operators. With years of experience with Metrc, our team is prepared to answer whatever questions existing or interested customers might have.

Our experts will be working hard to ensure a smooth transition into Metrc for all of our clients and partners. 

Pre-Metrc Solutions

We understand the complexities and the challenges associated with the implementation of a new state traceability system. We’ve gone through it before. In 2018, both California and Washington state chose to adopt new traceability systems. The Cultivera team guided our clients in both markets through the changes in a seamless transition.

Within states currently in the process of adoption Metrc, Cultivera clients will be transitioned into our unique Pre-Metrc Environment (PME). This includes our established customers, as well as those still in the on-boarding stage. The PME will allow businesses to acclimate their operations to Metrc workflows before the changes take effect.

With our ear to the ground, we knew this day was coming. We developed the Pre-Metrc environment to minimize disruption to business operations, saving our customers time and money.

Metrc 101

But what is Metrc?

M.E.T.R.C. stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance. The system is built to help state regulatory offices manage legal cannabis traceability information and reporting throughout the supply chain. 

Metrc uses radio frequency identification technology to track cannabis plants and products throughout the seed to sale pipeline. This monitors the movement of cannabis within a legal market with the use of plant tags featuring Unique Identifier (UID) codes

Metrc monitors the weight, location, and transfers of cannabis through a cloud-based traceability system designed for regulatory agencies within a given state. Licensed cannabis operations submit data regularly to the Metrc system in order to remain legally compliant with their state licensing agency.

Every state in the Metrc network has different regulations and workflows. That means operators will need to know the details specific to their area

No matter your region or state, it’s important to know what Metrc doesn’t do as well. Metrc is not a business management or enterprise resource platform, and does not offer live validation, inventory or customer management, nor any point of sale solutions. This is why Cultivera’s seamless integrations have so much to offer cannabis operations. Our vertical platform simplifies cannabis compliance by filling in those gaps.

You can learn more about the Metrc track-and-trace system in our Introduction to Metrc blog series.

How Cultivera Integrates with Metrc

Whether plants or products are created in Metrc, or within Cultivera Pro; we offer real-time, 2-way data synchronization, keeping both environments updated and matching at all times. This bi-directional data synchronization allows for the tracking and reporting of all relevant data for your state regulators compliance purposes.

Throughout each stage of the process, Cultivera brings in-demand automation and efficiency at every turn. This translates into true savings related to the time and costs associated with labor, where manual data entry has previously been the standard.

As the Metrc network continues to expand, we’re confident in our proven, reliable, vertically-integrated enterprise solutions. We are committed to keeping cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers compliant while freeing up valuable time and resources.

Want to learn more about how Cultivera can help you stay compliant while scaling your operation? Schedule a demo with an experienced onboarder today.


Cultivera Resources

Over the next few months, we’ll be offering tools and resources useful for those operating cannabis enterprises in states within the Metrc network, such as our Introduction to Metrc series, Guide to Traceability Tags, Frequently Asked Questions About Metrc, and the Introductory Metrc Guide. Check back regularly for more news and resources on topics across the industry.

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