An Introduction to Metrc : Part Two

What Metrc Isn't & How We Make It Easy

Over the last few years, the network of states utilizing the Metrc software system for their local cannabis traceability needs has continued to expand. But how does Metrc work? And how does it affect your cannabis operations? In this blog series, we offer an introduction to Metrc and what it has to do with your business.

So, if you already know what Metrc is, and why it matters, what’s next? In this article we go over a few of the shortfalls in how Metrc works, and how Cultivera‘s software integrations close these gaps in service.

illustration of tagged cannabis plants, from metrc

The purpose of Metrc is to serve as a reporting and tracking system for regulatory agencies looking to prevent the illegal sale of cannabis. But with this in mind, it’s important to also know what the platform doesn’t do. So here are a few things the Metrc system is not.

What Metrc Isn't

  • Metrc is not a resource for cannabis businesses. 
    Since Metrc software is developed to serve the needs of cannabis regulation agencies, their primary customers are the regulatory agencies themselves, not the cannabis operations that report data to Metrc.
  • Metrc is not a point of sale, customer relationship management, or enterprise resource solution
    Metrc does not offer any kind of point-of-sale (POS) system, and doesn’t provide inventory control, insights, or management. There’s also no way to actively track sales, cash flow, customer information, sales relationships, bills of materials, or vendor information.

What Metrc Does Not Do

  • Metrc does not validate data upon input. 
    You have to be extra vigilant in your data entry and reporting to avoid inspections or audits, as the Metrc system will not warn you if you’ve entered discrepant information.
  • Metrc does not offer business intelligence
    The platform does not allow users to view business analytics, insights, or generate comprehensive historical reports.

Ultimately, Metrc is not a business management system, and does not go beyond the “who, what, when, where, and why” dimensions of traceability.

laptop screen displaying teal and grey infographic of what metrc doesn't do
Ultimately, Metrc is not a business management system.

For cannabis business operators looking for data to use beyond traceability purposes, they have to look elsewhere. This is why Cultivera’s seamless integrations have so much to offer cannabis operations. Our vertical platform simplifies cannabis compliance by filling in those gaps.

How Cultivera Integrates with Metrc

Cultivera offers seed-to-sale solutions across every U.S. state jurisdiction that uses Metrc as their “source of record.” With custom, intuitive software and on-demand tech support, we take care of customer’s track-and-trace compliance needs and beyond.

three people work on a giant laptop running cultivera pro

To do this, the Cultivera Pro environment brings automation to the table through every allowable API that Metrc currently offers. This is true whether you’re looking to automate the creation of child packages on the fly, or streamline the manifest and order fulfillment process using our instant transfer templates.

Cultivera aids users with the import of Metrc Unique Identifier (UID) tags for plant and inventory items. Those tags are then made available throughout the Cultivera user interface (UI) for quick assignment, distribution and management of all marijuana related plants and products.

Compared to manual data entry, Cultivera saves users thousands of labor hours every year, completing orders and reporting in half the time.

Whether plants or products are created in Metrc, or Cultivera Pro; we offer real-time, 2-way data synchronization keeping both environments updated and matching at all times.

This bi-directional data synchronization is unique to the Cultivera software, allowing for the tracking and reporting of all relevant data for your state regulators for compliance at each stage of the process.

screenshot of Metrc's online reporting system that highlights how Cultivera's automation saves time
2-way data sync keeps both environments updated at all times.

Saving hours of manual data entry every week, this feature is unmatched in the industry, bringing our customers in-demand automation and efficiency at every turn.

An added benefit of this unique process is that it provides natural integration with any other Metrc-approved third party software. This allows Cultivera clients to work seamlessly with as many integrated platforms and partners as they’d like.

screenshot of Metrc's online reporting system that highlights how Cultivera's automation saves time
Cultivera saves users thousands of labor hours every year.

Together, these features translate into true savings related to the time and costs associated with labor, where manual data entry across multiple platforms has previously been the standard.

We are confident our proven, reliable, vertically-integrated enterprise solutions will keep cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers compliant while freeing up their valuable time and resources. 

You can learn more about Metrc on their website. To learn more about how Cultivera streamlines cannabis operations’ Metrc workflow to make compliance simple, schedule a demo today.

Need More Information About Metrc?

If you’re looking for more than just an introduction, Cultivera’s Introductory Guide to Metrc is the perfect starting point. This 30-page downloadable guidebook offers licensed cannabis operators an in-depth introduction to the Metrc track-and-trace system and how it works.

This is Part Two in our Introduction to Metrc series, answering the most critical questions cannabis operators have about Metrc. In Part One, we answered what Metrc is, and why it matters to cannabis operators. In Part Three, we go over our three-part framework for Metrc success.

You can also download the entire Guide to Metrc to share with your team.

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