How To Shop Cultivera’s B2B Market In 3 Steps

We built the Cultivera Market portal to connect licensed vendors and Dispensary purchasers with the click of a button. Curious how retailers can shop Cultivera Market? In this article we go over the three basic steps of how to get started shopping with a free retail B2B buyer account on Cultivera Market, plus tips and tricks for shopping the Cultivera Marketplace with ease.

How Retailers Can Start Shopping The Cultivera Marketplace

As a licensed Dispensary purchaser, manager or operator, finding fully compliant, legal cannabis products available in your state can be a complicated hassle.

Between researching new vendors and finding contact information, then tracking down sales representatives, requesting menu information, getting samples, placing orders, tracking invoices, and staying compliant along the way, shopping for dispensary inventory can take large amounts of time and money.

But with Cultivera Market, Retail purchasers can shop new and favorite B2B vendors in their area and place orders with just a few clicks.

Cultivera Market is a B2B order portal built to connect licensed cannabis sellers with Dispensary buyers in their state.

Both vendors and Dispensary purchasers prefer Cultivera Market because it’s always available for orders, 24/7, and offers a streamlined shopping experience.

Buyers can find new and exciting products to stock their shelves with from across their state, with or without the help of a sales person.

Since launching, we’ve watched Cultivera Market grow from a modest menu platform attached to Cultivera Pro to a thriving i502 marketplace with hundreds of vendors and retail purchasers.

Already Washington’s most popular i502 B2B marketplace, Cultivera Market now has vendors available in Oklahoma, Maine, Michigan, and others, with new accounts signing on every month.

How can your sales team get started shopping B2B vendors in your area in the Cultivera Marketplace? Check out the following steps to start shopping for your store on Cultivera Market.

3 Steps To Shop Cultivera Market

The Cultivera Market B2B menu portal was built to connect licensed cannabis vendors with qualified Dispensary purchasers in their state.

Curious how your store can start shopping the Cultivera Marketplace? To make it simple, we’ve broken it down into three basic steps:

  1. Sign up!
  2. Connect!
  3. Shop!

Read on for details about each step.

Isometric illustrated representation of Cultivera Market B2B sales on a smart phone

1. Sign Up For A Free Cultivera Market Buyer Account

Ready to sign up for a free buyer account and start shopping on Cultivera Market?
Just click here to book a sign-up slot and learn about availability in your area.

Our team of experts will reach out to get you started; all you need to do is sign up!

2. Connect With Vendors In Your Area

When first starting out in the Cultivera Market buyer’s portal, your Available Markets options may be empty. Connect to available vendors and access their live B2B menus in just two steps:

  1. Select the large button with a plus symbol that says “Add New Market.” This will bring you to the full list of Available Markets you can browse.
  2. When you find a vendor you want to shop, click the plus sign in the bottom right, then select Connect to connect to that vendor.

3. Shop New and Favorite Brands With A Few Clicks

Once you’re connected to a Cultivera Market vendor, you have instant access to their live B2B menu with real-time product availability. Click any brand logo in your Available Markets page to start shopping!

That’s it!

Click here to get started today and join hundreds of Dispensary purchasers already utilizing the Cultivera Marketplace for faster, simpler B2B shopping experiences.

Cultivera Market Shopping Tips:

Here are a few tips and tricks for Cultivera Market Retail purchasers, to make shopping the Marketplace even more of a breeze.

  • Have a few favorite vendors?
    Bookmark their Cultivera Market menu portals in a unique browser Folder to get back in a flash!

  • Not sure if your favorite vendors are on Cultivera Market?
    You can always ask them directly! Otherwise, search your Available Markets dashboard by using Control/Command-F, or the Search bar in Washington, to look for available vendors by name.

  • Have questions for a vendor?
    Contact information is always included in the top left corner of all vendor menus, so you can get the right information, right when you need it.
  • Want to shop fast?
    Use the quick Add To Cart buttons on the main menu of any vendor to view a pop-up of their menu, rather than clicking into individual product categories.

    These buttons (pictured in the animation to the right) allow you to choose from products within that category, add them to your cart, and get back to the vendor’s main menu, without being redirected to your Cart.
Market Buzz

Here’s a peek at what licensed cannabis businesses say about Cultivera Market.

"Great and easy to use menus!"
"Cultivera Market gives us the ability to interact with more stores, more customers, and turn orders faster.”
"Cultivera [Market] is a great ordering platform for your vendors to set up on and make your ordering process easier and in one spot!"
"The [Cultivera] Market reminds us of Amazon. It's so easy to use and we see more and more of our retail partners using it...."
"We did $40-50k in new business overnight without promoting [the Cultivera Market] whatsoever."
Dispensary Solutions From Cultivera

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Check out Cultivera POS, our all-in-one retail software for licensed Dispensaries. Click here to book a demo.

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