How To Drive B2B Traffic To Your Cultivera Market Portal

Recent updates to the Cultivera Market platform in Washington brought the ability to link directly to a brand’s order portal. But what can you do with a custom link to drive traffic to your Cultivera Market B2B menu? Here are three ways to use your custom, direct menu link to boost B2B traffic to your live, 24/7 Cultivera Market portal, or any online menu!

3 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Cultivera Market B2B Order Portal

We built the Cultivera Market platform to solve some of the most common B2B problems in the legal cannabis industry. Whether used on its own, or with the seed-to-sale automations of Cultivera Pro, Cultivera Market helps licensed brands boost visibility and sales, sometimes even overnight.

As the Cultivera Marketplace continues to grow and expand across the US, there are more opportunities than ever for vendors and dispensaries to connect with just a few clicks!

Recently, there have been a few new updates to the Cultivera Marketplace in Washington. The latest changes include the addition of the much sought-after Search function, and, even more exciting, custom direct menu links!

Not only can Dispensary purchasers search for brand names faster than ever, but also brands now have the ability to link directly to their individual Cultivera Market menu.

For vendors, this feature means that getting retail partners to your Cultivera Market order portal is easier than ever! Just copy and share the unique menu link with connected purchasers to direct them to any live menu in a snap!

Isometric illustration of b2b sales through the Cultivera Market

On one hand, it is important to note that direct menu links only work for retail buyers who are already connected to your Cultivera Market account and have access to your menu. This means it’s important to make sure your portal is already connected to all the retailers you’re interested in reaching out to in the Market Connections section.

But once connected to your potential retail purchasers, then what? What can you do with your custom link to drive traffic to your B2B order portal?

To that end, here are three ways to use your direct order portal link to boost B2B traffic to your live, 24/7 Cultivera Market menu.

1. Unique Landing Pages and Email Headers/Footers

One of the best ways to drive organic traffic to your Cultivera Market B2B order portal is to create unique landing pages, websites, or banner images that specifically refers to your availability!

illustration of person using cultivera market to sell product

Still one of the strongest methods of B2B promotion, these kinds of creative assets can be linked out to the Cultivera Market. This way any connected retailers who opens your website, or email, can easily go to your unique B2B order portal featuring real-time product availability.

To be sure, this is a topic we’ve covered in the past, in 3 Ways To Promote Your Online Market. In that article, we cite successful Cultivera users who have driven traffic to their Cultivera Market order portal with landing pages on their website, or banners in their emails. Check out the article to see examples from top brands like Sitka, and Double Delicious.

It’s worth noting that with over 95% of Washington retailers already actively placing orders in the Cultivera Marketplace, most i502 Dispensary purchasers may already have an account. This means that, when not linking directly to your B2B menu, it’s best to link to the Cultivera Market login page, where existing users can easily log in and find your menu in the available markets page.

If your brand just went live in the Cultivera Marketplace, send out an email blast to let retail partners know that they can find you on Cultivera Market! Including banners, product photos, and details about your current inventory can go a long way towards building interest in your menu and products.

When you’re just getting started promoting it, reach out to our team for our easy-to-use promotional assets. For example, the “Find Us On The Cultivera Market” badge, shown on the right, is a digital badge you can add to your websites, landing pages, and profiles across the web.

Cultivera Market vendors can learn more in our new Cultivera Market Promotion Guide, currently only available by request! 🧑🏽‍💻

Don’t forget! Direct menu links only work for retail buyers who are already connected to your Cultivera Market, so be sure to send out Market Connection invitations ahead of time!

2. Drive Traffic With Custom QR Codes

QR codes are encoded images that can be scanned with most smartphone cameras to exchange information. 🤳🏽

Use any custom QR code generator to build a quick and easy, scannable image that Dispensary partners can scan with their smartphone, to go directly to your live Cultivera Market order portal. 🛒

These codes are generally easy to build, often free to create, and can be attached to just about any digital assets to refer retail purchasers to your real-time menu.

For example, scanning the QR code on the left brings logged-in users directly to the main menu of the Cultivera Marketplace.

Add custom, menu-linked QR codes to your website, social media posts, advertisements, product packaging, business cards, flyers, event banners, merchandise, or handouts! The possibilities are practically endless.

3. Creative Social Media Posts

Although social media platforms can be a bit touchy when it comes to anything cannabis-related, as you may already know, they still remain one of the best ways to casually connect with potential sales networks.

With this in mind, create simple, eye-catching social media content that lets Dispensaries know they can find you on Cultivera Market! This is a creative way to inform retail purchasers of where they can find your up-to-date live menu, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can also create a short-link of your unique menu URL and put it into your profile, offering easy access to retailers.

In addition, when developing creative content don’t forget to reach out to our team for our easy-to-use promotional assets. From the “Find Us On The Cultivera Market” badge for your digital assets, to the new Cultivera Market Promotion Guide, currently available by request only! ✨

More Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Cultivera Market B2B Order Portal

When you’re looking for more ideas on how to promote your order portal and drive traffic to your Cultivera Market B2B menu? Check out our Featured Brand Spots service for vendors, or click here to read our previous article in this series: 3 Ways To Promote Your Online Market.

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