Highlights From the Q2 Washington Cultivera Market Report

Highlights From The Q2 Washington Cultivera Market Report

This year we launched our quarterly Washington Cultivera Market reports to offer industry insights into our home state’s thriving Cultivera Marketplace. These reports offer the perfect the opportunity to highlight some of the incredible brands and businesses that have been particularly successful on the Market.

In this article we highlight some of leaderboards and shout outs from this year’s Q2 Cultivera Market Report, as well as a few new data points that caught our attention.

About The Q2 Washington Cultivera Market Report

Built to increase revenue for business operators, the Cultivera Market platform features streamlined inventory management, live 24/7 B2B menus, simplified reports and manifest generation, and a host of time- and money- saving workflows.

We’ve seen that when licensed cannabis companies utilize their PRO-attached Cultivera Market platform, their  visibility and sales rise, sometimes even overnight.

building a cultivera market sales portal

In Washington state, the Cultivera Market has a thriving network of Producers, Processors, and Retailers taking advantage of the efficient workflows and B2B visibility, with over 94% of Washington retailers already registered. We are proud to see this continued stability and ongoing growth reflected in the quarterly report.

In the second quarter report for 2022, we took a look at how Producers, Processors, Retailers, and products, are doing in the Washington Cultivera Market. In these highlights, we excerpt a few top five lists from the report. You can see all the information, and the complete lists, by clicking here to request a copy of the report.

Producers & Processors

leaderboard on cultivera market monitor

Producers and Processors in Washington utilize the Cultivera Market to boost brand visibility and generate more sales. With more operations joining the Marketplace every quarter, we’re excited to watch these incredible businesses continue to grow.

Here are some of the top brands mentioned in the Q2 Report.

Top Five: Utilization

Which Cultivera Pro brands in Washington are utilizing their complimentary Cultivera Market sales portal the most? First, we took a look at overall use.

These were the top five most active Producers and Processor licenses in the Marketplace in the second quarter:

  1. Gabriel
  2. JV Ranch
  3. Skagit Organics
  4. Walden
  5. Golden Tree

Top Five: Biggest Movers

Who’s getting more active in the Market? It’s exciting to see both longtime and brand new Pro users grow by utilizing their Marketplace. We took a look at Washington Producers & Processors who increased their percentage of sales done on the Market, quarter-over-quarter:

Here are the top five biggest movers on the Market:

  1. Fireline
  2. Jet City Gardens
  3. Treedom
  4. Painted Rooster
  5. Hannah Industries
leaderboard on cultivera pro laptop

Top Ten: Sales Volume

Which operations are selling the most volume on the WA Cultivera Market? We like to share the full top ten producers and processors, as the top five is pretty consistent.

Here are the top Producer & Processor accounts in the WA Marketplace in the second quarter, by dollar sales volume. Can you spot the changes from Q1?

  1. Northwest Cannabis Solutions
  2. Smokey Point Productions
  3. Mfused
  4. Harmony
  5. Gābriel
  6. Ceres
  7. Lifted Cannabis
  8. Double Delicious
  9. SubX
  10. Fairwinds

Retailers & Dispensaries

Retailers and Dispensaries utilize the Cultivera Marketplace to browse menus and place orders at their convenience. Since Cultivera Market portals are open 24/7, it’s easy to shop new and favorite brands any time.

Out of the 434 licensed Retailers and Dispensaries active in the Washington Cultivera Marketplace in the second quarter, here are some of the top performers.

leaderboard on cultivera pro laptop

Top Five: Retail Utilization

WA Retailers with the highest percentage of purchases through Cultivera Market out of all purchases from PRO clients in Q2 (with minimum of $10k in Market sales).

  1. Green Stop Cannabis
  2. Terp Cannabis
  3. Walla Walla Cannabis Company
  4. The Hidden Bush
  5. MJ’s Pot Shop

Top Five: Retail Purchasers

Top five Retail and Dispensary businesses on the Cultivera Market in the second quarter, by total sales volume ordered.

* A particular shoutout goes to our top Buyers at Commencement Bay Cannabis, with three different licensed retail locations appearing in this list in the report! Click here to request a copy of the report.

Products & Inventory

Some of the most interesting data out of the Marketplace tends to revolve around the core product users work with: Washington cannabis. Which strain names are the most popular? What types of products are Washington stores buying the most of?

retailer leaderboard on phone

This quarter we’ve been curious about the data behind individual inventory categories and product strain names, so we dived into a few of these details in the report.

Top Strain Names

Which strain names sell the most? Out of the incredible 2,817 unique strain names sold on the Market in the second quarter, here are the top highest selling strain names.

  1. Blue Dream
  2. Wedding Cake
  3. Ice Cream Cake
  4. Green Crack
  5. GMO

This data has been filtered to exclude strains where only one Producer or Processor has over 90% of sales.

Top Inventory Categories

Highest selling Inventory Types sold in the Washington Cultivera Market in the second quarter. There were very few changes in this category, with reigning champ Extracts & Concentrates B2B sales only dropping by a small percentage, while Flower & Pre-Rolls sales increased one percent.

  1. Extract & Concentrates 46%
  2. Flower & Pre-Rolls 33%
  3. Edibles 12%
  4. Infused Flower & Pre-Rolls 4%
  5. Topicals 3%

Strain Highlight: Blue Dream

In the second quarter of 2022, Blue Dream jumped back into the #1 spot of our Top Strain Names list.

This means that out of all the strain names of products sold in Washington’s Cultivera Market, more products sold were named “Blue Dream.”

We took a closer look at these products and numbers.

Quick Facts:

Out of 2,817 strain names sold in Washington’s Cultivera Marketplace in Q2, “Blue Dream” was the highest selling. Classic!

103 unique Producers & Processors in Washington sold a “Blue Dream” product in the Cultivera Market in Q2.

63% of all “Blue Dream” products sold in Washington’s Cultivera Marketplace in Q2 were Extracts & Concentrates.

"Blue Dream" Quick Facts

• "Blue Dream" was the highest selling strain name sold.
• 63% of all "Blue Dream" products sold in Q2 were Extracts & Concentrates.
• 103 unique Producers & Processors sold a "Blue Dream" product in Q2, 2022.

Top “Blue Dream” Inventory Categories

What kinds of “Blue Dream” products sold the most?

We took a look at the percentage of “Blue Dream” products sold in each Inventory Category in Q2:

  1. Extracts & Concentrates 63%
  2. Flower & Pre-Rolls 31%
  3. Infused Flower & Pre-Rolls 5%
  4. Capsules 1%

Top “Blue Dream” Products

Which “Blue Dream” products sold the most?

Here are the top selling products named “Blue Dream” sold in the Washington Cultivera Market in Q2. (One product listed per company.)

  1. “Blue Dream” CC 1g Cart • NWCS
  2. Northwest CCELL® “Blue Dream” Cart • Xtracted
  3. Airo Strain Series “Blue Dream” 1g • Harmony Farms
  4. Regulator Vape Cart “Blue Dream” 1g • Smokey Point Productions
  5. “Blue Dream” Flower 28g Pounder™ • Top Shelf

Ready to shop these brands and products for your business?

Find live menus for these names and more on the Washington Cultivera Market.

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