Highlights from the Washington Q4 Report

Get a glimpse of activity in the i502 marketplace with these highlights from Washington’s Cultivera Market Report for the fourth quarter of 2021.

Washington's Thriving Cultivera Marketplace

Washington state has a thriving network utilizing Cultivera Market, our streamlined B2B menu and sales platform attached to the Cultivera Pro system. Built to increase revenue for business operators, the Market platform offers streamlined inventory and sales workflows, with B2B purchasing, invoicing, order fulfillment, and more.

Last month we released the Q4 Cultivera Market Report for Washington. In this quarterly report, we dive into the fascinating numbers and trends taking Washington’s cannabis marketplace by storm.

But what does that network looks like? And, how is it going?

This report collected data from Washington state’s Cultivera Market system over the fourth quarter of 2021. To allow for more context, we compared our Market statistics against previous quarters, and against publicly available industry data. Statistics explored here are pulled directly from the Cultivera Market platform for Washington state, and only the Market. Please note that as such, data in this report is not representative of the full Cultivera Market or Ecosystem, which also includes Cultivera PRO and POS.

Read on for some of the top highlights.

Highlights From Washington's Q4 Cultivera Market Report

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Top Inventory Types

We’re always curious what both retailers and consumers are buying the most of. This list of top categories sold in the B2B marketplace in Q4 allows a unique look at the supply chain in the state.

It turns out in Washington’s Cultivera Market last Q4, the most popular product type was Extracts and Concentrates. The top selling inventory product types were:

  1. Extracts & Concentrates           46%
  2. Flower & Prerolls                       29%
  3. Edibles                                        12%
  4. Infused Flower & Prerolls           4%
  5. Topicals                                        3%

Top Strain Names

Over a thousand unique strain names were sold through the Cultivera Market in Washington last quarter, and we’re still a bit surprised that many strain names even exist!

But out of over 1,000 unique strain names available in the Washington Marketplace, the top selling strain names in the Washington Cultivera Market are an interesting mix of pure classics (Blue Dream, Lemon Haze) and somewhat newer favorites (Wedding Cake, Green Crack).

  1. Blue Dream
  2. Super Lemon Haze
  3. Wedding Cake
  4. Green Crack
  5. Cookies

Top PRO Brands

What about the Producers and Processors who sell on the Marketplace? We aren’t too surprised by the names at the top of this list of high-volume operations, as it includes some of our earliest Market adopters!

Washington Producers and Processors with the highest sales volume through the Cultivera Market during last year’s Q4 included…

  1. N.W.C.S.
  2. Rolling Farms
  3. MFused
  4. Harmony Farms
  5. Gabriel

Rising PRO Stars

The Marketplace most benefits the users who… well, who use it the most. So we took a look at which Producer/Processor brands have been increasing their utilization and sales done through Cultivera Market over time.

These were the Producers and Processors with the highest growing percent of sales done in the Cultivera Market quarter-over-quarter.

  1. Optimized Solutions
  2. Hella Loud
  3. Walden
  4. Pacific Crown Cultivation
  5. Top Shelf

Top Purchasers

Okay, but what retail brands and dispensaries are staying busy in Washington’s Cultivera Market? We took a look a the top retail buyers.

These were the individual Dispensaries and Retailers in Washington who made the most purchases in Washington’s Cultivera Market in Q4:

  1. Commencement Bay Cannabis
  2. 420 Carpenter
  3. Main St. Marijuana East
  4. Main St. Marijuana
  5. 420 Capitol

Top Retailer Utilization

Which retailers in Washington use Cultivera Market the most? This utilization data gives us a quick glimpse at which dispensaries most utilize the marketplace for their B2B orders.

These are the top dispensaries with the highest utilization of the Marketplace in Q4 of 2021:

  1. Tenino Cannabis Boutique
  2. Green Stop Cannabis
  3. Rainier Cannabis
  4. Cannablyss
  5. Muffy’s Pot Shop

Get The Full Q4 WA Market Report

We’ve included excerpts here from six of nine Top 10 leaderboards featured in the Q4 report, offering only a glimpse of what’s inside.

To get the full length leaderboards, and more details about Washington’s Cultivera Market in Q4, request a copy of the report by clicking here.

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