Getting Started On Cultivera Market

If you’re a cannabis producer, processor, or distributor already utilizing Cultivera solutions, how can you get started selling your business’s legal product in the Cultivera Market? In this article we cover five useful steps we suggest to set your brand up for success in your state’s Cultivera Marketplace.

How To Get Started On The Cultivera Market

We built the Cultivera Market to increase revenue by connecting licensed sellers with local, qualified B2B buyers across the legal cannabis supply chain. This service is available for all Cultivera Pro accounts, making set up simple.

We’ve shared a lot about Cultivera Market on this blog, such as how it benefits cannabis businesses and how to promote your own B2B order portal.

But how do you get started?

The Cultivera Market Checklist

Ultimately, all existing Cultivera Pro users really need to do is contact our Support team, and we’ll get your B2B order portal set up!

However, for optimal success in the Cultivera Marketplace, we suggest preparing your team and inventory data for the process! This will make the transition, workflows, and sales that much easier for your team.

Here are the five steps we suggest to get your business ready for the Cultivera Market.

1. Prep Your Team 🧑🏽‍💻

Make sure your team members feel comfortable with the Inventory Management, Sales, and Fulfillment workflows within Cultivera Pro, as these will be crucial to operating the marketplace portal effectively. If you have questions, reach out to our Support team for a free training session.

2. Give Us A Shout 📢

Reach out to your Onboarding Consultant or our Support team requesting assistance in starting the process to set up the marketplace portal.

Our experts will prep your Cultivera Market account and provide you with your next steps, including scheduling out a meeting with a Marketplace Portal Specialist.

3. Attend Your Setup Meeting & Ask Questions 🗨️

It is highly recommended that anyone involved reviews the Marketplace Setup & Catalog Group Webinar video provided beforehand, then attend the meeting prepared to ask questions.

Cultivera Market B2B Order Portal represented in an isometric illustration of a dispensary on a tablet.

4. Prep Your Products 🛍️

Work on setting up catalog groups in Cultivera Pro and uploading photos for them, as well as your company logo. Feel free to reach out with any other questions, and/or issues as they arise.

5. Request Activation 🏁

Once you are ready, email Support to request that your marketplace portal be fully activated.

This process is typically completed the same day, however please be aware that it can take up to a 1 – 2 day lead time in some cases.

Once completed, your Cultivera Market B2B web portal will be ready to share with your team and buyers.

What next? Try these ideas to share your Cultivera Market Order Portal with your network, and invite buyers to browse your menu with the click of a button!

Isometric illustration representing shopping and sales. Boost sales by getting started on Cultivera Market.

Interested in taking these steps towards new and improved sales with your team?

We’ve turned this checklist into an easy-to-share guide, with clickable links to help your team get started today!

Click “Get The Checklist” below and fill out the quick form to access the downloadable, clickable pdf.

Why Use Cultivera Market?

We built the Cultivera Market platform to address the industry’s key B2B pain points. The Marketplace automates sales operations while boosting scalability: real-time, 24/7 menus and product availability, testing results, and automated fulfillment, plus simplified ordering and inventory management.

We’ve found that businesses that take advantage of their Cultivera Market B2B order portal consistently see improvements to their sales numbers, sometimes even overnight.

Not a Cultivera Pro user yet? It’s easy to book a demo and see how Cultivera Pro and Cultivera Market combined can help your business grow to new heights.

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