The Cultivera Market Is Now Officially Open!

For the first time since launch, Cultivera’s thriving B2B solution, the Cultivera Market, is now open for licenses not already using Cultivera Pro seed-to-sale software. In this article we explore what that means, and how you can get started selling, or buying, on Cultivera Market today.

Cultivera Market: Officially Open For Business

Since the Cultivera Market first launched, it has been available exclusively to the Producers, Processors, and Distributors already using Cultivera Pro, and their chosen retail partners.

Starting this month, the Cultivera Market B2B portal is now officially open to all licensed vendors, whether or not they are existing Cultivera Pro users!

We developed the Cultivera Market to cultivate B2B connections, increase orders, and boost sales with ease, and now it’s open to all licensed cannabis businesses in and out of the Cultivera Pro network!

Our solution to some of the most common B2B pain-points, the Cultivera Market is a streamlined B2B order portal built to increase revenue by connecting licensed cannabis vendors with qualified buyers.

To do this, the Cultivera Market portal features real-time menus and product availability, testing results, simplified sales and inventory management, and more.

Previously only available to vendors using Cultivera Pro, the officially opened Cultivera Market is now open to any licensed Producer, Processor, or Distributor looking to sell in Washington, and soon other legal states. This expansion will increase supply chain availability across the board, by connecting more licensed sellers with qualified B2B buyers in their area.

What Does This Mean For Users?

Like many other B2B e-commerce marketplaces, the presence of more available vendors generally leads to more qualified shoppers browsing the Cultivera Market on a regular basis. This means that licensed vendors will likely find it it easier than ever to boost brand visibility and sell compliant inventory to both new and existing retail buyers.

Likewise, this also means that Dispensary and Retail purchasers will be able to find more new and favorite vendors, brands, and products with the click of a button!

Why Use Cultivera Market?

The Cultivera Market makes B2B ordering and sales simpler by connecting licensed Growers and Manufacturers to qualified Retailers and Dispensaries, with streamlined sales in addition to 24/7 live menus.

In fact, we’ve even found that businesses that take advantage of their Cultivera Market B2B order portal consistently see improvements to their sales numbers, sometimes even overnight.

Features of the Cultivera Market include:

    • 24/7 Live Inventory Menu;
    • Real-time Updates So You Never Over-Sell;
    • Digital Documentation & Reporting;
    • No Fees For Retail Partners;
    • One Login For Multiple Locations & Buyers;
    • Order Approval Process To Keep Vendors In Control.

Above all, the features of Cultivera Market are built specifically to boost revenue for licensed cannabis operations across the supply chain. 

But why do licensed operators choose Cultivera Market over other B2B platforms in the industry?

Recent Updates To The Cultivera Market

The Cultivera team is also excited to announce a few new updates and features coming to the Cultivera Market platform.

In particular, users may already have noticed changes in their user interface. What they may not have noticed is the brand new Search function, so buyers can find their favorite vendors faster than ever!

Plus, both new and existing users may be glad to know that they can now link directly to their live Cultivera Market portal. As a result, this means it’s easier than ever to bring retail partners to your unique online order portal with a single click! 👆🏽

How To Get Started On Cultivera Market

But how can licensed operators interested in the Cultivera Market find out more?

If you’re a business operator already using Cultivera Pro at this time, click here to check out the best steps to take to get started!

On the other hand, if you’re not already using Cultivera Pro, just click the button below to see the Marketplace in action with a quick demo

If you like what you see, afterward our team will reach out with further details and begin your sign-up process.

building a cultivera market sales portal

Psst… Dispensaries looking to sign up for a retail account, click here! 🛒

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