Highlights From The Q3 Washington Cultivera Market Report

Check out these highlights from the Q3 Washington Cultivera Market, exploring the stats, leaderboards, and insights from the third quarter Cultivera Market Report for Washington state.

Highlighting Performance In The Washington Cultivera Market

Every quarter this year we’ve shared the top performers utilizing the Cultivera Marketplace in our home state of Washington, according to data from the Cultivera Market Report. This insightful report offers a valuable bird’s-eye-view of the platform in the state, featuring top brands, products, and trends in the Washington Cultivera Marketplace.

In the Cultivera Market Report for Washington’s third quarter this year, we saw a large number of high performers that we think deserve some recognition! As the year comes to a close, we’re excited to give a shout out to these impressive cannabis operators across the state.

Check out the stats and leaderboards below to see which brands are the top performers in Washington’s Cultivera Market!

Leaderboards From the Washington Cultivera Market In Q3

From top sellers and buyers to the makers of the most popular products and strains, these companies have been leading the way in the cannabis industry and it shows in their Cultivera Marketplace performance.

We invite you to join us in celebrating their accomplishments by checking out the leaderboards below.

Producers & Processors

With over $33 million worth of orders going through the Washington Cultivera Market last Quarter, the Marketplace has seen a 30% increase in sales volume over Q3 of 2021!

But which Producers and Processors are getting the most of those orders? Though some of the leaderboards from the third quarter are similar to others this year, there are quite a few interesting changes.

Here are the Q3 leaderboards for Producers and Processors, by utilization, sales volume, growth, and market share.

B2B dispensary buyer shopping the cultivera market

Top Five Utilization

Washington Producers and Processors on Cultivera Pro with the highest percentage of sales done through Cultivera Market in the third quarter:

  1. Green Joy Herbs
  2. Gābriel
  3. Golden Tree
  4. Skagit Organics
  5. Mobius

Top Five Biggest Movers

Producers and Processors who increased their percentage of sales done through the Cultivera Market quarter-over-quarter.

  1. Mobius
  2. Fine Detail Greenway
  3. Maltby
  4. Genesis 1:29 (Matriarch)
  5. Playa Grande

Top Ten Sales Volume

There’s been a bit of a shakeup in the top Producer and Processor accounts from the  Washington Marketplace. Here are the top ten in the third quarter, by dollar sales volume.

  1. N.W.C.S.
  2. Mfused
  3. Smokey Point Productions
  4. Harmony Farms
  5. Ceres Garden
  6. Lifted Cannabis
  7. Wyld
  8. Redbird Cannabis
  9. Fairwinds
  10. SubX

This is the first time in our Top Ten Sales leaderboard for both Wyld and Redbird!

NEW THIS QUARTER! Top Market Share

In a new section of the Report, we offer a closer look at the top brands in the Washington Cultivera Market, separated by product category. 

Here are the top five Producers & Processors who hold the largest shares of the Cultivera Market in each Inventory group:

📢 Shout out to the folks at Northwest Cannabis Solutions (N.W.C.S.), appearing here in three different categories, as well as holding the number one spot in our list of Top Producers & Processors by Sales Volume.

retailer leaderboard on phone

Retailers & Dispensaries

There were a total of 433 active retailers in the Washington Cultivera Market during the third quarter! But which Retailers and Medical Dispensaries are shopping the Cultivera Marketplace most?

Here are our top five leaderboards for Retailers and Dispensaries.

Top Five Retail Purchasers

The top five Retail and Dispensary accounts on the Cultivera Market during the third Quarter, by total sales volume.

  1. Local’s Canna House
  2. Commencement Bay Cannabis – Fife
  3. Commencement Bay Cannabis – NE Tacoma
  4. Herbal Nation
  5. Commencement Bay Cannabis – E 72nd

Top Five Utilization

Washington Retailers with the highest percentage of purchases through Cultivera Market out of all purchases from PRO clients in Q3. (With minimum of $10k in Market sales.)

  1. Natural Blessing Cannabis
  2. Orcas Island Cannabis
  3. Commencement Bay Cannabis – E 30th
  4. Terp Cannabis
  5. Rainier Cannabis

Products & Inventory

But what are retailers buying? 

Out of the 15,691 orders placed through the Washington Cultivera Market in Q3, adding up to over $33 million in sales, there were quite a few standouts when it came to top products and inventory.

Below we highlight the top strain names, inventory types, and products sold in the third quarter.

🔎 3,482 total unique strains were sold in the Washington Cultivera Market during Q3!

cannabis product icons

Top Five Strain Names

Top highest selling strain names in the Cultivera Market during third quarter in Washington state. (Filtered to exclude strains where a single Producer/Processor has over 90% of sales.)

  1. Wedding Cake
  2. Blue Dream
  3. Green Crack
  4. Ice Cream Cake
  5. Pineapple Express

🔎 This is the second time this year that “Wedding Cake” has beat out “Blue Dream” for the top spot!

Top Five Inventory Types

Highest selling Inventory Types sold in the Washington Cultivera Market in the third quarter.

  1. Extracts & Concentrates
  2. Flower & Pre-Rolls
  3. Edibles
  4. Infused Flower & Pre-Rolls
  5. Liquid Edibles

🔎 Infused drinks are on the rise! This quarter, “Liquid Edibles” took the spot of “Topicals” in fifth place for the first time this year.

Top Five New Products

The top highest selling NEW products in Q3 in Washington’s Cultivera Marketplace, by volume. (Only one product listed per company.)

  1. Strawberry Cough” Airo 1g Flower
    Harmony Farms
  2. “Mimosa” NW CCELL® 1g Cart
    Xtracted Labs
  3. “Guava Oreoz” 3.5g Flower
  4. “Peach Cobbler” Regulator 1g Cart
    Smokey Point Productions
  5. “Money Maker” 7g Flower

🔎 Want more top product details? Click here to request a copy of the full Q3 report for all the top products, including a new page dedicated to top products sold in each inventory category!

About The Cultivera Market Report

Built to increase revenue for business operators, the Cultivera Market platform features streamlined inventory management, live 24/7 B2B menus, simplified reports and manifest generation, and a host of time- and money- saving workflows.

We’ve seen that when licensed cannabis companies utilize the Cultivera Market order portal attached to their Pro account, their visibility and sales risesometimes even overnight

In our quarterly Cultivera Market Reports, we collect data from Washington state’s Cultivera Market system over each quarter. Within the report we offer a glimpse of the Cultivera Market’s overall sales, stats, and high performers in Washington, along with various insights. To allow for more context, we compare our Market statistics against previous quarters and industry information sourced from publicly available data.

Together this unique resource offers a valuable bird’s-eye-view of what brands, and trends, are taking Washington’s legal cannabis marketplace by storm.

Please note that statistics in the report are pulled directly from the Cultivera Market platform for Washington state only. This means the data is not representative of the full Cultivera Market or Ecosystem, which also includes our seed-to-sale solution, Cultivera PRO, as well as Cultivera POS.

Want to learn more about Cultivera Market, or Cultivera’s seed-to-sale software solutions?

Book a demo to get a look at how Cultivera could boost success and scalability for your business.

Mea Culpa!

We noticed a typo on page four of the Q3 Report: While the initial sales numbers on page 3, “By The Numbers,” are correct, when we summarized them on “WA State Presence” (page 4), the previous quarter’s sales and order numbers were left in by mistake. The paragraphs should read, respectively:

“With over $38 million worth of orders going through the Washington Cultivera Market this quarter,…” and,

“With over fifteen thousand orders in the Washington Cultivera Market this quarter,…”

We are in the process of updating the report, and apologize if these errors caused any inconvenience!

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