How Cultivera Helps Businesses Save Time & Money

With product prices falling, costs rising, and legalization uncertain, cannabis operators across the country are preparing for the worst, and looking to save wherever they can. Cultivera’s all-in-one seed-to-sale software solutions are built to help businesses save in an ever-changing industry. In this article we’ll explore a few of the most impactful ways businesses save time and money with Cultivera Pro, Market, and POS.

Tightening The Proverbial Wallet

In the cannabis industry right now, prices are down, supply chains have been disrupted, federal legalization is far in the horizon, and investors are tightening their proverbial wallets. No wonder many are feeling a sense of gloom in the industry. Especially those running a small business in such a tight economy.

While many businesses are finding ways to thrive right now, many more are preparing for an oncoming rough patch in the industry.

This preparation can include various cost-cutting methods, like limiting events or industry participation, getting rid of more expensive tools, or cutbacks in production. Unfortunately for staff and customers, it can also involve team layoffs and raising menu prices.

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However with the right tools and cannabis business software, operators can save money without making major cuts that negatively impact their team or customers. For example, tools that offer insights and analytics into sales patterns can assist operators with predicting future trends in orders to better prepare through budgeting or inventory updates.

Other examples include cultivation management that helps producers keep track of their Grow with the click of a button; automated production modules that make repeat workflows a breeze; or data management integrations that help cut down on manual data entry, duplicate entries, and costly traceability mistakes.

How Cultivera Helps Cannabis Businesses Save Time And Money

using cultivera helps operators save time and money

Here at Cultivera, we’re proud to offer time- and money- saving solutions that help businesses manage their operations from seed to sale.

Whether you’re a Cultivator or Manufacturer utilizing Cultivera Pro’s seed-to-sale automations, a Distributor shopping the Cultivera Market, or a Dispensary taking advantage of the all-in-one features of Cultivera POS to manage your whole store, our software solutions offer incredible value across the supply chain.

But how does utilizing Cultivera’s software solutions save operators time and money? Here are a few of the most impactful ways…

  • All-In-One Solutions

Whether for Cultivators, Processors, Distributors, or Retailers, Cultivera software solutions offer streamlined, vertical workflows that bring everything you need into one place. From Cultivera Pro’s seed-to-sale operations and traceability tracking, to Cultivera Market’s B2B sales automations, and the complete dispensary management offered by Cultivera POS, the Cultivera Ecosystem has you covered.

Easily and efficiently create and manage products with Cultivera’s vertical production workflows: sourcing, product, inventories, costs, output, etc., all in a single, centralized place.

  • Automations At Every Turn

Cultivera’s seed-to-sale solutions offer seamless automations everywhere possible, so operators can cut down on manual data entry, duplicate errors, and overall labor hours. Whether its grow management, product transfers, Metrc workflows and traceability compliance, or retail purchases, Cultivera automates the process to make your work simpler.

Learn more about Cultivera’s streamlined automations in this case study series featuring three incredible cannabis operations.

  • Insights Into Your Data

Get a deeper look at your own data with business intelligence in the Cultivera Pro or Cultivera POS Analytics dashboards. These critical insights on sales, products, and team activity allow you to take control of your operations and supply chain by making data-driven decisions that better prepare your business for trends and changes. Cultivera puts your data to work for you.

  • Streamlined Cultivation & Production Management

Cultivera Pro‘s seed-to-sale software is ideal for both Cultivators and Manufacturers looking to manage Grow and Production operations, allowing the freedom to have more time getting your hands dirty, and less time typing in data.

Advanced metrics, report generation, cost analysis, and more, means you get to focus on your plants and products, ’cause Cultivera’s got the rest.

  • Complete Dispensary Operations

With Cultivera POS, you can manage employees’ timeclocks, as well as generate budtenders performance reports and track all aspects of your growing dispensary. A lot of cannabis retailers pay for more than one software to manage these metrics separately, does this sound like you? If so, we want to help!

Cultivera’s all-in-one retail system can improve your bottom line by managing your dispensary’s inventory, budtenders, and sales, all in one easy-to-use platform.

Producers, processors, and retailers save time and money with cultivera pro and cultivera market
businesses save time and money using cultivera's seed-to-sale software
  • Sales-Boosting B2B Marketplace

Supplement your team’s B2B sales efforts and save labor hours with the Cultivera Marketplace, allowing operators to effortlessly browse and share live menus and connect with potential buyers and sellers with the click of a button.

We’ve found that when Cultivera Pro customers utilize their unique Cultivera Market B2B order portal, orders and sales increase, sometimes even overnight!

“The Cultivera Market reminds us of Amazon…
It’s so easy to use and we see more and more of our retail partners using it….”
Micaela WakefieldDouble Delicious

  • Flexible Payment Options + Free Training

With flexible payment options that keep you in control, getting started with Cultivera is a low risk that comes with high reward!

We also offer free onboarding and software training, with a full Support Library and a brand new Learning Management System, so you never have to pay extra to set your team up for success!

See For Yourself

For business operators looking to save money this year while still growing their success, Cultivera can help!

Give us a call to see how our all-in-one solutions can save your operation money on both software AND labor. Or click here to book a demo any time!

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