Highlights From The Q4 Washington Cultivera Market Report

Back in March we released the Cultivera Market Report for Washington state for the fourth quarter of 2022. In this article, we highlight some of the most interesting stats, facts, and top performers from the report.

Highlights From Washington's Q4 Market Report

Last year we launched our quarterly Cultivera Market Report to share news, updates, and top performers from the Cultivera Marketplace in our home state of Washington. With the Cultivera Market soon becoming available to vendors outside of Cultivera Pro for the first time, we’re proud to share how the Marketplace continues to grow while elevating users and helping them scale.

Since their initial launch, our quarterly reports have offered a bird’s-eye-view of this valuable platform in the state, featuring top brands, buyers, products, and trends in the Washington Cultivera Marketplace. This unique resource offers valuable insights into what brands, and trends, have been taking Washington’s legal cannabis marketplace by storm. 

With 441 unique retailers placing over $38 million worth of orders through the Washington Cultivera Market in the fourth quarter of 2022, the Cultivera Marketplace saw a 34% increase in sales volume over Q4 of 2021!

Check out the highlighted stats and leaderboards below to see which brands were the top performers in Washington’s Cultivera Market in Q4 of 2022!

Cultivera Market Leaderboards

We were thrilled to see the Cultivera Market Report for Washington’s fourth quarter last year continue to reflect the incredible growth of brands on the Market, and all the top performers topping the charts! We’d like to offer each of these fantastic groups a quick shout out, and thank you for being a part of the Cultivera Marketplace!

a person working on a laptop, with symbols around them to indicate business management workflows in Cultivera

From top sellers and buyers to the makers of the most popular products and strains, these companies have been leading the way in the cannabis industry and it shows in their Cultivera Marketplace performance. We invite you to join us in celebrating their accomplishments with a quick message of congratulations on LinkedIn or Facebook!

Here are some of the top five leaderboard lists from the Q4 report.

Producer/Processor Leaderboards

Though some of the leaderboards from the fourth quarter are similar to others last year, there were quite a few interesting changes. Here are the Washington Producers and Processors topping the charts.

Biggest Movers

These were the Producers and Processors who increased their percentage of sales done through the Cultivera Market quarter-over-quarter.

  1. Bad Dog Farms
  2. Zoobees Doobees
  3. Lucid Oils
  4. Marprod
  5. Uahi
Top Utilization

Washington Producer & Processor licenses with the highest total utilization of the Cultivera Market platform in the fourth quarter:

Top Sales by Volume

Which brands are making the most sales?

Here are the Washington Producer & Processor operations with the highest sales by volume through the Cultivera Market in the fourth quarter:

Top Market Shares

In Q3 of 2022 we started taking a closer look at the top brands in the Washington Cultivera Market, in each product category.

Here are the top five Producers & Processors in each inventory group who hold the largest shares of sales in the Cultivera Marketplace during Q4:

🔎 Shout out to the folks at N.W.C.S., appearing here in three different categories, as well as still holding the #1 spot in our lists of Top Ten Producers & Processors by Sales Volume for both Q4 and 2022, PLUS a Q4 top product!

Retailer Leaderboards

In Q4 of 2022 there were 441 unique retailers placing orders in Washington’s Cultivera Market, placing over 16,000 orders! 

Which were the busiest?

Here are the Washington Retailers and Medical Dispensaries topping the charts.

Top Retailer Utilization

Washington Retailers with the highest percentage of purchases through Cultivera Market out of all purchases from PRO clients in Q4, with a minimum of $10k in Market sales.

  1. Terp Cannabis
  2. Orcas Island Cannabis
  3. High Life Cannabis
  4. Puyallup Tribe MJ Compact
  5. TJ’s Cannabis Buds, Edibles, & More
Producers, processors, and retailers save time and money with cultivera pro and cultivera market
Top Retailer Purchasers

Here are the top five Retail and Dispensary accounts on the Cultivera Market this quarter, by total sales volume.

  1. Puyallup Tribal Cannabis
  2. Local’s Canna House
  3. Commencement Bay Cannabis
  4. Commencement Bay Cannabis
  5. KushMart

Product Leaderboards

Which products and inventory categories are retailers buying the most?

With over 16,000 orders placed in Washington’s Cultivera Market throughout the quarter, here are the top performing products, inventory categories, and strain names from Q4.

Top Inventory Types
top product types in the washington cultivera market

The top five highest selling Inventory Types sold in the Washington Cultivera Market in Q4:

  1. Extracts & Concentrates
  2. Flower & Pre-Rolls
  3. Edibles
  4. Infused Flower & Pre-Rolls
  5. Liquid Edibles
🔎 Infused drinks have been on the rise! This is the second quarter in a row “Liquid Edibles” has taken the spot of “Topicals” in fifth place. See the chart in the Q4 Report for details!
Top Strain Names

Out of the 3,482 unique strain names sold on the Cultivera Market in Q4, which were the most popular?

Here are the top ten highest selling strain names in Washington’s Cultivera Market in the fourth quarter. Filtered to exclude strains where 1 Producer or Processor has more than 90% of sales.

  1. Wedding Cake
  2. Blue Dream
  3. Green Crack
  4. Ice Cream Cake
  5. Sour Diesel
  6. Apple Fritter
  7. Pineapple Express
  8. Super Lemon Haze
  9. Northern Lights
  10. Orange Cookies

🔎 This was the THIRD time in 2022 “Wedding Cake” beat “Blue Dream” for the top spot.

teal and white cake icon with a fan leaf on top, to represent the "Wedding Cake" strain
Top New Products

The top highest selling NEW products in Q4 in Washington’s Cultivera Marketplace, by volume.
One product listed per company.

  1. “Cookie Monster” 1g Live Resin Cart – Smokey Point Productions
  2. “Gary Poppins” 3.5g Flower – Gābriel
  3. “Skywalker OG” 1g Airo Live Flower – Harmony Farms
  4. “Lemon Cherry Gelato” 3.5g Flower – Mama J’s
  5. “Bruce Banner” 1g Cart – N.W.C.S.

🔎 Want more top product details? Check out the full Q4 Report for all the top products, including pages dedicated to top products sold in each inventory category!

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