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How Constellation Gained Momentum in the Washington Marketplace with Cultivera PRO + Market

Constellation Cannabis has been on a mission to deliver high quality cannabis since their founding in 2018.

To signify their commitment to that goal, they even chose the Serpens constellation for their logo, a symbol historically associated with Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine.

The Constellation farm is proudly female-owned and family-managed, creating wellness-focused products that are 100% naturally grown in Washington state.

When it came time for business software, Constellation chose Cultivera early on. The team at Constellation went live on Cultivera PRO within their first year, looking for streamlined sales solutions.

Simplified Sales with Cultivera PRO

“The decision was simple,” said co-owners Trish Contreras and Jeff Hubbard, “we needed a salesperson, and Cultivera can do sales 24/7.”

Even onboarding with the system was smooth. “Our staff was trained on the processes quickly and all questions were answered within a reasonable time frame.”



“As a small business, we gained efficiencies that made us competitive in the market,” the team said over email. “The software is powerful in its simplicity.”


Getting started with the vertical platform, they discovered Cultivera’s efficient workflow solutions allowed them to boost sales while minimizing pain points like labor costs, continuous data entry, and input errors.

“As a small business, we gained efficiencies that made us competitive in the market,” the team said over email. “The software is powerful in its simplicity.”

Marketplace Momentum with Cultivera Market

Upon utilizing their Cultivera Market web portal, the team saw positive changes in their visibility and sales results.

“The adoption of the Market by retail made it a no-brainer,” the co-owner team said, pointing out the ease-of-access for purchasers and retailers. “All stores have an account and it makes it so easy to remind stores that our menu is updated constantly.”

To boost sales and visibility even further, the team at Constellation utilizes online tools and social media platforms particularly Instagram.

But for more direct results, Constellation promotes their B2B order platform by sending out weekly email updates. “We send out a mail chimp blast email every Monday and drive all orders/traffic through Cultivera.”

This consistent outreach keeps retailers informed and drives regular traffic to their web-store. And it works.

“We’ve been able to have a bigger reach into the market. Cultivera Market gives us the ability to interact with more stores, more customers, and turn orders faster.”

Fun fact: Cultivera Pro clients that utilize and promote their free online B2B order portal on the Cultivera Market consistently see incredible results.

With increased order quantities and exponential sales growth, cannabis businesses thrive in the Cultivera Marketplace, sometimes even overnight!

Scalable Results with the Cultivera Ecosystem

“After three years, the momentum of that process has allowed our brand and products to have remarkable growth.”

Consistently at the top of the Cultivera network’s sales numbers, Constellation has averaged over $350k in monthly Market sales alone throughout 2021. And they’re growing strong.

“The cannabis industry is complex and Cultivera provides an elegant solution to our needs. I’m always amazed by the quality of functionality and quick customer support. We cannot recommend Cultivera highly enough.”

If you’re in Washington, find Constellation Cannabis in your area with the Drops map on their website. Licensed B2B shoppers can connect with Constellation online, and find them in your local Cultivera Market.

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