Introducing The Cultivera Learning Center

Introducing the Cultivera Learning Center: a complete course system and certification program now available for Cultivera Pro, Market, and POS users.

Interactive Training, From Seed To Sale

Cultivera’s mission is to provide software solutions to some of the most elusive problems our market faces. As it is, brands in the legal cannabis industry already have to deal with poorly designed license restrictions, perpetual regulatory changes, bad actors, overly-limited access points, and so much more. We know that these challenges make having the proper arsenal of tools to help you properly navigate the industry all the more critical. The last thing you need to worry about is software training.

To help our users set themselves and their team up for success with the software solutions we provide, we’ve been working hard to develop a a new resource to make work easier: The Cultivera Learning Center.

What Is The Cultivera Learning Center?

The Cultivera Learning Center is our new training platform for Cultivera users. The CLC allows anyone on your team to train on the critical workflows they need to know for daily operations. Built for users across the industry supply chain, the CLC is ideal for both newer teams still in onboarding, or long-time users that just need a refresher.

This complimentary new resource for client success offers workflow-specific, interactive lessons so that team members can build the knowledge and skills they need to maximize their time and efficiency. The new system allows users to learn at their own pace, their own way, without having to wait for workshops or training sessions. 

Cultivera Learning Center on Laptop

So whether your team is using Cultivera Pro, Market, or POS, the Cultivera Learning Center offers seed-to-sale training in key workflows for optimal knowledge and efficiency.

Some of the courses available include:

teal and grey laptop illustration running Cultivera Learning Center
  • Welcome to Cultivera Pro
  • Working In The Garden (with Cultivera Pro)
  • PRO Inventory Management 101 (& 102)
  • Cultivera Market Overview
  • Cultivera POS: Getting to Know Your Terminal
  • Cultivera POS Back Office: The Store Management Module
  • and many more!

The best part is that the Cultivera Learning Center comes completely free with Cultivera accounts, so users and their teams can perfect their software skills to make day-to-day work a snap, any time and at their own pace!

Become A Cultivera Expert With The Cultivera Learning Center

Cultivera software users interested in registering for the Cultivera Learning Center can click here to get the registration process started.

Don’t use Cultivera solutions yet? If you’d like to learn more about the Cultivera Learning Center, give us a shout through our Contact page, or enter your name and email below.

Cultivera Learning Center symbol: the teal cultivera logo wearing a grey graduation cap.

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