Agro Couture: A Mission to Innovate

Introducing Agro Couture and Their Mission

Agro Couture, widely known for their production of one of Washington’s top oil brands “Slab Mechanix,” has been providing quality products to the WA retail market since 2015.

With a mission to make positive changes in the cannabis space, the team at Agro works to bring consumers quality experiences they can rely on. Agro Couture proudly produces hundreds of products across six premium brands, including Slab Mechanix, Agro Mechanix, Green Envy, Tacoma Cannabis Company, and Dab Star.

Have you met the many faces of Agro Couture?

“Our mission is to innovate the industry and provide consumers with products that are easy to use, enjoyable, and desirable,” said Marketing Associate Galen Rogerson.

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And it works. Agro Couture ranks in the top 50 Processors in the Washington market, according to TopShelf Data, and the top 30 Producers.

Their dedication to quick fulfillment times and customer service, alongside the availability of vendor managed inventory, makes Agro Couture an ideal partner for any store looking to increase efficiency, sales and profitability.

Why Cultivera?

But after running into “massive data issues” with their previous seed-to-sale software, this year the team needed a change of their own. They began the hunt for new S2S business solutions. The innovative technology they found was Cultivera.

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With their previous seed-to-sale system, Agro was missing out on potential sales because of frequent data issues, like server downtime and out-of-sync inventory information.

With Cultivera, their goal was to cut down on those data errors and inconsistencies that were losing them potential orders, and profits.

The Onboarding Experience

When we checked in with the team, we asked about their experiences coming onboard with Cultivera over the summer. We were glad to hear that onboarding was straightforward, and that the team felt fully supported.

“Our experience with Cultivera was lovely,” Rogerson said. “…staff was kind and thoughtful and took care of our issues promptly.”

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They were also a great group to work with, according to Cultivera Project Manager, Lexie M., who oversaw the operation’s Pro onboarding. “Agro Couture was extremely pleasant to work with,” she said. “The folks over there that I’ve been in contact with have all been kind, professional, and down to earth.”

Results In Action

The first benefit the team at Agro have seen is an increase in speed. “Fulfillment times have been quicker with Cultivera,” Rogerson said, “which has been nice!” As for the exhaustive downtime that had been the norm with their previous software? The team says that ever since the switch that has “not been a factor.”

As they stabilize, the team looks forward to utilizing their Cultivera Market B2B web portal, and getting their brand in front of new retailers across the state. They’re working to reach new sales heights over the next few months, and as their chosen seed-to-sale software partners, we can’t wait to help them reach those goals.

Consumers can watch for Agro Couture and their products on shelves across Washington. Licensed B2B purchasers can shop their menu in the Cultivera Market portal.

You can find the many amazing faces of Agro Couture on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

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To get an up-close look, check out Agro Couture’s factory tours on their Youtube Channel.

Want to know more about how Cultivera software helps multi-brand operations like Agro Couture? Book a free demo at your convenience to get a personalized look at our seed-to-sale solutions.

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