3 Reasons Businesses Use Cultivera Market

Why Check Out The Cultivera Market?

We often talk about Cultivera’s sales solution, but what is it? And, more importantly, why should you check it out? In this article we explore what the Cultivera Market is, and three reasons why businesses choose Cultivera Market, and how your operation can benefit from the Marketplace in your state!

The legal cannabis industry can be complex, especially when you have a business to manage or store to run. From building your brand, workflows, and team, to managing services, compliance, and sales, and everything in between, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

While the Cultivera PRO platform is built to assist Growers and Processors with all of this and more from seed to sale, we built the Cultivera Market platform to address the industry’s key B2B pain points. Cultivera Market automates sales operations and boosts scalability with real-time menus and product availability, testing results, automated fulfillment, plus simplified ordering and inventory management.

Here are three reasons your cannabis operation should check out the Cultivera Market:

1. Built to Increase Sales; Proven to Boost Visibility

Whether you’re a Grower, Processors, Distributor, or Dispensary, finding and selling legally compliant product in your region is critical. So we built the Market to make B2B ordering and sales simpler: connecting licensed Growers and Processors to qualified buyers with streamlined sales and 24/7 live menus.

Together the features of Cultivera Market are built specifically to boost revenue for licensed cannabis operations across the supply chain. Some operators even see a difference overnight. And it only takes a few minutes to activate your Market account.

We did $40-50k in new business overnight without promoting it whatsoever. They just started click… click… clicking. 

Shawn Richards 
Sitka Hash House

And as the Market grows, so does product visibility! In Washington alone, over 94% of state-licensed retailers have a Cultivera Market account already. 

In states like Oklahoma, where there’s been a recent transition in regulatory traceability, we know finding Metrc-compliant inventory can be difficult. With Cultivera Market shoppers can rest assured knowing they’re browsing traceability-compliant product that is available for their store.

With its simplified menu and ordering system that syncs directly with Cultivera Pro data, the Market allows licensed retail buyers to easily browse compliant products available in their state, and check out live menus with just the click of a button.

2. Always Open, 24/7

Cultivera Market is always synced with sellers’ live inventory, so retailers and dispensaries can view real-time product quantities and instantly reserve inventory, at any time.

These updated menus featuring live inventory quantities allow buyers to always see what’s available for their store, and makes sure brands never oversell product.

This means the Cultivera Marketplace is always open for orders! From browsing menus to placing orders, building manifests to final invoicing, and beyond. Purchasers never have to wait to place an order from Cultivera Market’s live sales portal.

So your Cultivera Market order portal is always open: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether you’re buying or selling, you can get it done any time on the Cultivera Market.

The Market reminds us of Amazon. It’s so easy to use and we see more and more of our retail partners using it to order. 

Micaela Wakefield
Double Delicious

3. Low Risk, High Reward!

One of the best things about the Cultivera Market is that it’s easy to get started:

No matter which is right for you, costs stay low, while your potential for growth skyrockets.

Cultivera Market gives us the ability to interact with more stores, more customers, and turn orders fasters. After three years, the momentum of that process has allowed our brand and products to have remarkable growth.

Jeff & Trish
Constellation Cannabis

Growers and Manufacturers looking to increase that potential can also customize their Market portals with updated images, sale information, and critical product details, to increase traffic and sales.

Want to see for yourself? Choose an option below to get started by signing up for a quick demo:

Are you a Cultivator or Manufacturer that’s not using Cultivera PRO yet? Book a free demo here to see how our seed-to-sale solutions can help your cannabiz grow.

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