Highlights From Washington’s Q1 Cultivera Market Report

Check out these highlighted stats and leaderboards selected from Washington’s Cultivera Market Report for the First Quarter of the year.

Highlighting Performance in Washington's Q1 Cultivera Market Report

Last year we launched the to share news, updates, and top performers from the Cultivera Marketplace in our home state of Washington.

Since their initial launch, our quarterly Cultivera Market Report series has offered readers a bird’s-eye-view of the Cultivera Marketplace in our home state of Washington. This incredible resource features sales stats along with top brands, buyers, products, and trends in the state’s Cultivera Marketplace over the quarter.

With the Cultivera Market platform about to become available to vendors outside of Cultivera Pro for the first time, we’re proud to share how the Marketplace continues to help businesses boost sales while elevating users and helping them scale.

So, what brands, and trends, have been taking Washington’s legal cannabis marketplace by storm?

See it all in the Q1 Cultivera Market Report, or read on to take a look at our selected highlights below.

Washington Cultivera Market Q1 Report Cover
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Washington Cultivera Market By The Numbers

Since launching, the Cultivera Market has continued to show incredible growth every quarter.

Beginning with a quick overview of the quarter, here’s a selection of some of the fascinating facts from the Q1 Cultivera Market Report in Washington:

teal and grey shopping bag icons

Top Sales Day: Monday

Continuing a trend from the last few quarters, the Cultivera Marketplace saw the most B2B sales orders processed on Mondays; more than any other day of the week.

Top Inventory Category: Extracts & Concentrates

Out of all products sold in the Cultivera Marketplace last quarter, 46% were from the Extracts & Concentrates inventory category!

Total Retailers On The Market: 454 🛒

454 Washington Retailers placed orders in the Cultivera Market last quarter, that’s a whopping 95% of the state’s total licensed Dispensaries!

Top Strain Name: Wedding Cake 🍰

For the fourth quarter in a row, the strain name “Wedding Cake” was the highest selling strain name, out of 3,875 unique strain names sold.
(Top 10 list below!)

Total Orders Placed: 18,326 🛍️

There were over 18,000 orders placed in the first quarter of 2023; a 55% increase over the same period in 2022!

Total Sales Processed:  $42,767,133

In the first quarter of 2023, 454 Retail buyers placed over $42 million in orders, resulting in a 39% increase over Q1 of 2022!

Producer/Processor Leaderboards

Built to increase revenue for business operators across the supply chain, the Cultivera Marketplace helps cannabis Producers, Processors, and Distributors boost sales by connecting them with qualified retail buyers with the click of a button. 

Here are some of the top performing Cultivera Market 

"Biggest Movers"

These Licensed Producers/Processors and Distributors have dramatically increased their overall utilization in the platform quarter-over-quarter.

  1. Petrol Extracts (Amerikan Weed)
  2. Mobius
  3. Constellation Cannabis
  4. Discovery Garden
  5. One of a Kind Genetics

Keep on growing strong! 💪🏽

Top Utilization

Washington Producer/Processor & Distributor licenses with the highest total utilization of the Cultivera Market platform in the First Quarter:

  1. Gābriel Cannabis
  2. Clandestine Gardens
  3. Ayra
  4. Golden Tree Productions
  5. Skagit Organics

New To The Market!

These licensed Producers/Processors & Distributors got their B2B order portal started on the Cultivera Market platform in the first quarter! Licensed shoppers can now find their live menus in the Cultivera Marketplace.

Top Brands By Volume

But which Producers/Processors & Distributors are selling the most in Washington’s Cultivera Marketplace?

Despite the ongoing challenges of the cannabis industry across the state, and the country, these brands continue to top the sales charts. Here are the top 10 brands by sales volume:

  1. NorthWest Cannabis Solutions
  2. MFused
  3. Smokey Point Productions
  4. Cowlitz County Cannabis
  5. Harmony Farms
  6. LeafWerx
  7. Ceres Gardens
  8. Wyld
  9. Lifted Cannabis
  10. Fairwinds

Top Market Shares by Category

cultivera winner badge

Last last year, we started taking a closer look at the top brands in the Washington Cultivera Market, in each product category.

Here are the top five Producers/Processors and Distributors in each of the top three inventory categories who hold the largest shares of sales in the Cultivera Marketplace during Q1.

Want to see more? Check out the leaderboards for Liquid Edibles, Infused Products, and Topicals in the Q1 Cultivera Market Report.

Retailer & Dispensary Leaderboards

The Cultivera Market is made to connect qualified buyers with licensed sellers across the supply chain. As it continues to grow, so does our network of incredible retail shoppers.

In fact, during the first quarter of 2023, 454 unique retailers placed a total of 18,326 orders in Washington’s Cultivera Market!

But who’s topping the charts?

Top Retail Utilization

Here are the Washington Retailers with the highest percentage of purchases through Cultivera Market, out of all purchases in Q1. (With a minimum of $10k in Market sales.)

  1. South Bellingham Buds
  2. Terp Cannabis
  3. The Weed Shop
  4. The Hidden Bush
  5. Orcas Island Cannabis

Top Retail Purchasers

The top five Retail and Dispensary buyers on the Cultivera Market this quarter, by total sales volume: 

  1. Commencement Bay Cannabis Black
  2. Local’s Canna House
  3. Commencement Bay Cannabis Yellow
  4. Commencement Bay Cannabis Green
  5. Herbal Nation

Product & Inventory Leaderboards

Which products and inventory categories are retailers buying the most?

With over 18,000 orders placed in Washington’s Cultivera Market throughout the quarter, here are the top performing products, inventory categories, and strain names.

Top Inventory Categories

The top five highest selling Inventory Types sold in the Washington Cultivera Market in Q1:

  • Extracts & Concentrates
  • Flower & Pre-Rolls
  • Edibles
  • Infused Flower & Pre-Rolls
  • Liquid Edibles

Top Strain Names

Out of an incredible number of unique strain names sold in Washington’s Cultivera Market over Q1, the top performers were a mix of familiar names from last year, and a few new ones!

Here are the top ten selling strain names in the Cultivera Market in the first quarter:

teal and white cake icon with a fan leaf on top, to represent the "Wedding Cake" strain
  1. Wedding Cake
  2. Blue Dream
  3. Green Crack
  4. Sour Diesel
  5. Pineapple Express
  6. Purple Punch *New to Top 10!
  7. Ice Cream Cake
  8. Oreoz *New to Top 10!
  9. Runtz *New to Top 10!
  10. Northern Lights

Top New Products

The top highest selling NEW products in Q4 in Washington’s Cultivera Marketplace, by volume.
One product listed per company.

  1. “Lemon Cherry Gelato” Flower 3.5g – SubX
  2. “KK” Full Spectrum Disposable 1g – MFused
  3. “Vice City” 7g Flower – Gābriel
  4. “Red Velvet” CC Cart 1g – NWCS
  5. K-Savage: “Horchata” 3.5g – Minglewood Brands
compliant products for sale on the cultivera market

Top Products, By Category

cultivera winner badge

This quarter we took a closer look at all the top performing products sold in the Cultivera Market during the first quarter. Here are the top products sold in each Inventory category. (One from each product type. One product listed per company.)

Extracts & Concentrates​

“Blueberry Space Cake” 1g

Liquid Edibles

Deep Sleep Tincture + CBN

Flower & Pre-Rolls​

K-Savage: “Lilac Wine” 3.5g Flower
Minglewood Brands

Infused Products​

“Wedding Cake” SugarStix
Lifted Cannabis

Edibles (Non-Liquid)​

Elderberry + CBN Gummies


1:1 Roll-Up Dragon Balm Xtra
Ceres Gardens

🔎 Want more top product details? Check out the full Q1 Report for all the top performers, including pages dedicated to the top five products sold in each inventory category.

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