3 Ways Cultivera Market Boosts B2B Sales

We built the Cultivera Market platform to seamlessly connect licensed vendors with qualified buyers across the legal cannabis supply chain. In this article we explore three critical ways Cultivera Market boosts B2B sales for licensed businesses from seed to sale.

Cultivera Market: Connecting Businesses Across The Supply Chain

At Cultivera, we know that the right business software is critical to the success of licensed operations. To this end, we built the Cultivera Market software to cultivate B2B connections, increase orders, and boost sales with ease!

Open 24/7, the Cultivera Market is already shopped by a staggering 95% of Washington retailers! And with the official opening of the Cultivera Marketplace last month, it’s now easier than ever for licensed vendors both in and out of the Pro network to boost sales in their area, without changing seed-to-sale software! 🛍️

The newly expanded Cultivera Marketplace is available to any licensed Producer, Processor, or Distributor looking to sell in Washington, and soon other states. This means increasing supply chain availability, connecting more licensed vendors with qualified B2B purchasers in their state.

But what does that mean for individual sellers? More importantly for you, what’s the value in getting your business started in the Cultivera Marketplace?

We can give you a lot of reasons, but what it all comes down to is boosting B2B sales.

Promoting your Cultivera Market Boosts B2B Sales With A Click!

Read on to learn the top three ways Cultivera Market helps licensed vendors boost B2B sales across the supply chain.

How Cultivera Market Helps Vendors Boost B2B Sales

We built the Cultivera Market platform to boost B2B sales in an industry that often gets stuck in the past due to regulatory restrictions and frequent changes.

For both vendors and retail buyers, the Cultivera Market benefits operators across the supply chain. With the Cultivera Marketplace, vendors can easily get their B2B menu in front of qualified retail buyers in their area, bringing their operations into the modern age.

Features include 24/7 live inventory with real-time updates; digital documents; one login for multiple locations & buyers; order approval processes; and more. Together these features are built specifically to boost revenue for licensed cannabis operations across the supply chain.

Since its initial launch, we’ve seen that vendors who utilize their Cultivera Market portal see increases in visibility, orders, and sales revenue, sometimes even overnight.

But how does the Cultivera Market do it?

Here are three ways Cultivera Market boosts B2B sales for licensed vendors in the legal cannabis industry:

1. Expanding Sales Networks By Connecting Vendors With B2B Purchasers

Isometric illustration of b2b sales through the Cultivera Market

The Cultivera Market helps licensed vendors build sales relationships by connecting them with qualified B2B buyers with the click of a button.

With 95% of Washington’s retailers already shopping the Cultivera Market, and more qualified purchasers browsing every day, the Cultivera Market allows Producers, Processors, and Distributors to boost brand and product visibility to new and existing retail partners.

The Cultivera Marketplace has already seen incredible growth in the industry since launch. In fact, in the first quarter of 2023, a total of 454 retailers placed over 18,000 Cultivera Market orders in Washington alone, valuing over $42 million in sales revenue!

This means that whether they’re finding new retail partners or improving existing sales relationships, vendors on the Cultivera Market platform can connect with more than 450 unique buyers across the Washington industry, just by launching their online portal.

Click here to see the most recent Cultivera Market Report for yourself.

2. Helping Small Businesses Stand Out In A Crowded Market

In the Cultivera Marketplace, smaller vendors can get just as much attention as the large groups, leveling the playing field by offering smaller brands the same boost in visibility as “the big guys.”

This is important because, in a crowded industry, visibility is critical for success! As a result, we have found that business operators who consistently utilize their Cultivera Market B2B order portal see marked improvements to their visibility and sales numbers, sometimes overnight.

With online menus available 24/7 in Cultivera Market, vendors can boost both visibility and sales opportunities, even when they’re asleep. In other words, smaller teams can spend more time on the work that matters most, and less time looking for new B2B connections!

Isometric illustrated representation of Cultivera Market B2B sales on a smart phone

For brands ready to set themselves apart and take their growth to the next level, we now also offer Cultivera Market White-Glove Services. These additional services include professional photography, product input management, portal optimization, customized data and industry reports, and more.

Plus, with the recent Cultivera Market expansion, we’re making it even easier for licensed businesses to buy and sell legal products, even those that use other seed-to-sale solutions, increasing supply chain availability across the board.

Worried your brand would get lost among your competition? Not a problem!

Thanks to new updates in Washington, vendors can now link directly to their B2B menu! This makes it easier than ever for vendors to share their online portals with retail partners with the click of a button. In addition, buyers can use the new Search feature to find your portal with just a few clicks! 🔎

3. Saving Businesses Time & Money From Seed To Sale

Not only does the Cultivera Market make B2B ordering and sales simple, with streamlined sales and 24/7 real-time menus, it also offers automations wherever possible.

Like Cultivera’s other leading seed-to-sale business solutions, the Cultivera Market platform simplifies workflows across the supply chain, so that operators can cut down on manual data entry, duplication errors, and overall labor hours, saving both time and money.

From easy-to-use workflows to streamlined digital documentation, the Cultivera Market platform allows vendors to save time and money on day-to-day operations like inventory management, sales processes, reporting, and more. And retail purchasers love how easy it is to place orders!

teal and grey laptop illustration running Cultivera Learning Center

For those using Cultivera Market with Cultivera Pro, we offer even more automations. With Cultivera Pro’s seed-to-sale traceability and inventory integrations, users can save hours of manual data input every month.

At the end of the day, Cultivera Market streamlines B2B sales workflows for both efficiency and peace of mind.

Click here to learn more about Cultivera’s streamlined automations in our case study series featuring three incredible cannabis operations that scaled with Cultivera.

More Reasons Businesses Choose Cultivera Market

Not yet convinced that Cultivera Market is the right sales tool for your cannabis business?

Click here to check out three of the top reasons business operators choose Cultivera Market!

Cultivera Market b2b sales solution with Washington logos

See The Cultivera Market In Action

Cultivera Market connects licensed sellers with qualified buyers in their area, with the click of a button.

If you’re interested in seeing what Cultivera Market can do for your business, book a quick demo to see it in action by clicking the appropriate button below.

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