Sitka Hash House : Overnight Sales Success

Stika's Overnight Sales Success

How Sitka Hash House boosted new sales overnight with Cultivera Market

Sitka Hash House has offered premium hash out of Seattle, Washington since 2012. Featuring an incredible lineup, they make 9 of the state’s top 10 hash products.

Sitka honors ancient hash methods, with a deep respect for the long history behind hash-making. Their mission? To “craft hash products with such care that the whole world finds wonder.”

Their proprietary process aims to protect terpene integrity and overall flavor. This way, Sitka promises a richer, full-spectrum hashish experience.

After signing on with Cultivera in 2019 and going live on Pro, Sitka’s success truly kicked off when they started utilizing their Cultivera Market web portal a year later. The night their Marketplace went live, sales took off.

“We did $40-50k in new business overnight without promoting it (the Marketplace) whatsoever,” said co-owner Shawn Richards. “They just started click… click… clicking.”

animated square graphic in teal, grey, and white, with text testimonial from Sitka
$40k+ overnight!

How did they make over 40,000 dollars in new sales overnight without even trying?

By utilizing the B2B sales portal already attached to their Cultivera PRO account: Cultivera Market.

As soon as the Sitka menu went live in the Cultivera Marketplace, visibility in their local market skyrocketed. With over 400 Washington retailers already shopping the Market, qualified buyers could instantly browse the up-to-date menu, and place orders in a snap.

Promoting The Sitka Menu

To expand on their overnight sales success, the team at Sitka boosts this Marketplace traffic by sending out menu updates and promotions on a regularly basis.

“We definitely traffic a lot of people to the portal with email blasts and also using old school dial-for-dollars,” added Richards.

For even greater visibility, the Sitka team incorporates strong graphics and visual snapshots of their menu into their email updates, like the examples below.

These regular updates and strong visuals allow potential buyers to get a peak at the available stock without even having to click into the Market portal itself. 

photo-filled gallery of sitka product menu items
Sample of Sitka's menu updates
from the Cultivera Market portal.

Our favorite is this creative banner set they use regularly online, featuring illustrated steps to order their products with ease:

black and red font banner featuring Sitka logo and white and black text

three square graphics illustrating how to order sitka hashish through their cultivera market b2b order platform

These kinds of email efforts are fantastic examples of how leading Cultivera users promote their B2B menu in the Cultivera Market. We’ve shared other examples on the blog before, in the article 3 Ways to Promote Your Marketplace.

You can find Sitka products on shelves, and the Market, throughout Washington state, and now in select areas of California. Don’t have a Cultivera Market account yet? Get a quick look and start yours today by scheduling a call with a Cultivera expert. You can also learn more about Sitka on their website,

This is an excerpt of a longer case study series exploring how three different Washington operations, including Sitka, have streamlined and scaled their success by utilizing the Cultivera Ecosystem.

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