Metrc Tags Fact Sheet

An Introductory Fact Sheet For Metrc Tags

If you live in a state that utilizes Metrc for its regulatory seed-to-sale traceability needs, it’s likely you’ve had to deal with Metrc Tags.

Metrc traceability tags are a key part of legal compliance in many regional markets. But what are Metrc Tags, what do they look like, and what are they for?

Over the summer we answered these questions in our guide to Metrc Tags here on the blog.

To make that information easier to share with your team, we’ve transformed the article into a clickable, easy-to-read introductory pdf fact sheet.

Enter your information below to sign up for this quick primer to one of the most common pain points in the legal cannabis industry: Metrc traceability tags.

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Cultivera Metrc Resources

At Cultivera, our goal is to help cannabis operators succeed and scale with reliable software solutions and industry resources. For many operators across the country, some of the most common pain points revolve around their regulatory traceability software: Metrc.

Over the years, we’ve worked to provide information, education, training, and support for Cultivera users who have to work with the Metrc platform for their state compliance. From seamless integrations, informative blog posts, and educational resource guides, to our automated onboarding process that aids users in Metrc transitions in new states, we continue to help operators solve some of the most important, and most common, questions and concerns about the Metrc system.

To this end, here are a two more digital guides that you can easily access and share with your team. These easy-to-read guides cover the most critical basics, from traceability, to tags, to frequently asked questions about Metrc, and a whole lot in between.

Click Access Now on any of the preview covers to the right to sign up for these free PDF resources.

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