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Looking to boost B2B activity within the Cultivera Marketplace? Cultivera Market is launching a new promotional service, offering B2B vendors Featured spots located at the top of the Marketplace retailer portal. Read on for the details!

Introducing Cultivera Market Featured Brand Spots

For those vendors that have been asking for a way to promote and highlight their B2B brand within the Cultivera Marketplace, we’ve got a solution for you!

This year, the Cultivera Market team is launching a new section of the Marketplace retail portal, developed with vendor requests in mind: Featured Brand Spots!

Ideal for smaller brands looking to boost menu visibility, this optional service offers weekly spots at the top of the Cultivera Marketplace to do just that. Every week these spaces will be available for purchase by vendors to highlight their menu in a consistent top space that retailers can’t miss!

Because of their location on the main portal, brands featured in these spots will be the first thing most retail buyers see when they log into the Cultivera Market portal. As a result, Featured Brands at the top of the Cultivera Market portal will be more consistently seen by the 450+ Dispensary accounts that shop the marketplace, every time they log in!

How Featured Brands In Cultivera Market Work

Featured Brand spots in Cultivera Market will be available by the week, running Monday through Sunday, and purchased through an automated Bid Submission Form. More details on the bid submission form below.

The Bid Submission Form will open at 8 AM PST every Monday, when vendors can place bids for spots running the following week.

To qualify for Featured Brand spots, you must be a financial decision maker for a Cultivera Market vendor in Washington that has an account enrolled in automated payments, with current payments up to date — if this is not the case, click here to contact Billing and do that now.

Bids will be accepted through the Bid Submission Form below, from Monday through Friday the week before Featured Spots will go live.

In other words, submissions will be open on a weekly basis, opening at 8 AM every Monday and closing at 2 PM every Friday, for Featured Spots to run live the following Monday-Sunday. This means that bids submitted on any given weekday will be for Featured Spots starting the following Monday.

Vendors are only charged if they successfully win, and there are no additional fees or costs associated with placing bids. This means that if you don’t win, your bid costs nothing.

Winning bidders will be notified by email at the end of the week, before their payment is charged and winning Spot goes live the following Monday. Please note that although all bids receive an automated email confirmation, vendors will only be notified if they achieve a winning bid that week.

Check out the details below, and place your bid now to get ahead of the game.

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Featured Brands Bid Submission Form

Submission Form Now Open

Form Open: 8 AM Monday, April 15th – 2 PM PST Friday, April 19th

Spots Will Be Live: April 22 – 28

Vendors will be notified if they achieve a winning bid at the end of the week.

Vendors are only charged if they successfully win, and there are no additional fees or costs associated with placing bids. If you don’t win, your bid costs nothing.

Want to get alerts when the Bid Form is open? Click here to sign up for weekly email notifications.

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